#AndNEW: The North Become IMPACT Tag Team Champs!

The North AndNEW

Part of IMPACT Wrestling’s success has to do with its unpredictability and being able to surprise it’s fans oh so well! Tonight at the IMPACT Plus special Bash At The Brewery, IMPACT  did it again when The North, Josh Alexander, and All Ego Ethan Page, defeated the mighty IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions, LAX to become the new tag team champions. The match itself was very hard hitting and it seemed as though The North came in with a game plan after scouting and watching tape of LAX members Santana and Ortiz during their dominating reign as the tag team champions.

Upon winning the titles and before walking to the back, All Ego went to the camera and said that this was just the beginning and that they own tag team wrestling. There is no doubt that the formidable team can do some significant damage to the tag team division. Meanwhile, what happens to the Latin American Exchange though? Melissa Santos provided an update on what would happen at IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary saying that the tag team match that was scheduled to be The Rascalz versus LAX for the titles has now been changed to The North defending their newly won titles versus The Rascalz this Sunday night.

The North AndNEW
Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

Melissa Santos did question however if the match on Sunday could be a three-way tag match for the tag titles and that there could be a further update on the match throughout the weekend. IMPACT Wrestling has a very busy weekend with airing four shows in three days with tonight having the Bash At The Brewery on IMPACT Plus, the promotion’s weekly IMPACT Wrestling show also airing tonight, and tomorrow, Deep IMPACT featuring Booker T’s Reality Of Wrestling promotion as both companies co-host the big event, and Slammiversary XVII to top off the weekend.

This is not the first taste of gold for the duo of Josh Alexander and Ethan Page. The two have teamed together going all the way back to 2011. Monster Mafia is what they are also known as; they’ve held the tag team gold for Pro Wrestling Guerilla, Fringe Pro Wrestling, and the now defunct Insane Wrestling League. The duo also appeared for Ring of Honor for a stint in 2014.

Stay tuned to IMPACT Wrestling live on Twitch.tv for further updates from Melissa Santos, or their social media accounts and Deep IMPACT as well as Slammiversary for all news and information.

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