Preview: IMPACT x HOH – A Night You Can’t Mist (6/8/19)


On Saturday night, IMPACT Wrestling will have their second show on its new IMPACT+ Platform with a show that will feature a most legendary performer in the industry. The Great Muta will return and will be a part of a main event tag match. The last time we saw The Great Muta in a ring was during the historic G1 Supercard of Honor that took place at The Worlds Most Famous Arena, Madison Square Garden, when he made a shocking appearance during the pre-show battle royal where we saw him at one point square off against another legend, Jushin Thunder Liger. Here is a look at the card and its matches for this special event.

Preview: IMPACT x HOH – A Night You Can’t Mist (6/8/19)

Guido Maritato vs. Clayton Gainz w/ Double Express:

In the match opener, Guido Maritato will face Clayton Gainz with Double Dupress on his side. What is sure to be a technical mat wrestling clinic, will the former FBI member be able to get the pin or submission? Or will the former Little Guido be unsuccessful against Gainz?

Moose vs. Luchasaurus

What happens when a giant reptile and a giant Moose face off? in a battle for what could easily be seen as the king of the wild, the Luchasaurus battles Money Moose. This is sure to be a war between two hoss’s who can do amazing things in the ring. Luchasaurus while in his early years in the industry is a unique character. At close to 7ft tall, with an intimidating look with the strength to back it up could easily come up with the win. However, Moose has recently declared on IMPACT Wrestling television that he has to do things by himself instead of depending on others such as “The North”. Could we be seeing Money Moose on Saturday night? or could we be seeing Mr. Impact Wrestling back on the scene with a new chip on his shoulder and having to prove himself again?

Joey Ryan vs. Billy Gunn


SUCK IT! two words synonymous with the attitude era and used by a certain “Bad Ass”. TOUCH IT! two words used today by a certain King of Dong Style. Yes, in another history-making match, only at IMPACT Wrestling, The Bad Ass, Billy Gunn, who once worked for TNA wrestling, will face off against Joey Ryan. This is guaranteed to be a very entertaining match. Billy Gunn has never aged a day and is stronger than ever, but can his strength overcome the are of dong style? will Joey Ryan be successful in getting Gunn to touch his dong and make Gunn suffer the consequences as a result of the penis plex?

House Of Hardcore Television Championship: Willie Mack (c) vs. Rich Swann vs. Teddy Hart 


Just when you thought this show could not get better, guess again. What could be the show stealer of the night, in a match for the House of Hardcore Television Championship, Willie Mack will defend his title against his IMPACT Wrestling tag partner Rich Swann and MLW’s own and Hart Foundation leader, Teddy Hart. Not much to say here other than, brace yourselves. Just by looking at this match on paper at first glance, you know there something special coming out of this match.

Philly Street Fight: Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Edwards


A rivalry that essentially put both men on another level in IMPACT Wrestling, and a rivalry that will probably never stop, Eddie Edwards will take on Sami Callihan in a Philly Street Fight. This rivalry began with a baseball bat shot to Edwards’ face and through the influence of Callihan, Edwards went through a metamorphosis that saw him losing his mind and finding a new love that in “Kenny”, his kendo stick. Edwards had become the thing he hated the most in Sami Callihan. Expect anything and everything with this match as both men will go to hell and back to try and eliminate each other.

IMPACT Knockouts Championship: Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Jordynne Grace


For the Knockouts championship, La Wera Loca, Taya Valkyrie will face Big Momma Pump, Jordynne Grace. As seen on IMPACT Wrestling T.V. Taya has her hands full with Rosemary on the prowl, will Taya be able to overcome the powerful Jordynne Grace knowing she has a dark cloud over her in the form of Rosemary? or will we see the end of Taya’s reign as champ and get completely overpowered by Grace? Grace has something to prove since her debut with the company and is a force to be reckoned with. it’s only a matter of time before we see Grace as champion.

The Great Muta & Tommy Dreamer vs. Johnny Impact & Michael Elgin


The unique team of a worldwide legend in The Great Muta and the hardcore legend, Tommy Dreamer, a man who made his mark during the days of the original ECW, and now makes his mark as one of the hardest workers in the game, for still performing while running his own promotion and working behind the scenes for several promotions will team up. An unlikely dream team, the two will face off against Johhny Impact and Michael Elgin.

The pairing of Impact and Elgin was an impressive one last week on IMPACT Wrestling on and Pursuit, however, with Elgin looking at the title, how well will these two be able to coincide? Will Elgin look to take out everyone in this match and put them in the hospital? or will he be able to focus on the match and deliver another stellar performance? or will the dream team be able to overcome the power and speed of Elgin and Impact and get mystical Mist all on their eyes and faces, leading to a win?

Brian Cage returns and makes an appearance

On a night that should have been the crown Jewel moment of his career when he won the IMPACT Wrestling Heavyweight title, Brian Cage returns for the first time since IMPACT Rebellion when he won the title for the first time in his career?

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