Raw Highlights Rundown – Brock Lesnar Entertains Himself (5/27/19)

Raw Highlights

Following AEW’s Double or Nothing on Saturday night fans wondered how Vince McMahon would answer starting with Monday Night Raw. Was the answer worth the watch? With Brock Lesnar scheduled to appear and announce his Money in the Bank decision, it could have been possible. Here are the Raw highlights:

Raw Highlights: Brock Brings The Boombox

Raw Highlights
Photo: WWE

The Brock Party became real on Raw last night as both Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston kicked off the show to figure out Brock’s decision. As Brock Lesnar made his way to the ring with his Money in the Bank briefcase all pimped out to look just like a boombox and even play music. Lesnar would dance down to the ring and inside taking neither champion seriously. So much so that Seth Rollins would leave and head to the back. Paul Heyman would grab the mic to make the point that with Rollins leaving, he ruined the Brock Party. With that said Lesnar would take off and let them know he would be back later on in the night.

Brock headed to the ring yet again later in the night to possibly make his announcement. As Brock and Heyman sat in the ring with contract in hand, the Universal Champion did not want to sit in the back much longer. Seth made the point that he didn’t want to wait any longer and will happily beat Brock in the middle of the ring once again. Fans could see Brock getting riled up but it would not be enough as Heyman would read the contract out loud.

As Heyman would state that Brock has the choice whenever he pleases for up to a year, meaning he does not have to listen to Rollins. Brock would turn around in shock and realize that he has a year. Doing so, it would show that Brock truly does not pay attention to the WWE in doing so. He would turn to Rollins and tell him to screw as he would leave, letting the world know he will take his time to cash-in knowing he does not need to decide.

The Story So Far: Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston

Photo: WWE

Kingston would be left alone after Brock leaving before Dolph Ziggler would attack him once again after doing so on Raw. Dolph would make it be known that he was on Kofi’s side, but simply put he could not accept him being in the spot that he thought he would. At WWE Super Showdown, he plans to prove that.

Raw Highlights: Cesaro vs Ricochet II

The highlight of the past two weeks has easily been Cesaro and Ricochet going one-on-one. After Cesaro defeated “The One and Only” a week ago, Ricochet got his opportunity to even the score. The incredible Ricochet kept fighting and fighting back against the stronger Cesaro. In doing so, the match would end in an incredible sequence where Ricochet would be sent out of the ring by Cesaro. Ricochet would then do a handstand onto the apron, attaching his legs to the head of Cesaro. He would head on top into an Electric Chair position before turning Cesaro onto his neck with a hurricarrana pin combination to score the pinfall and win the match to officially even the score. This is the type of match the company should be including, instead of not having a match for the first 45 minutes of their television show.

Raw Highlight: Firefly Fun House Episode 6

It was once again time to let Bray Wyatt in as the Firefly Fun House returned to entertain the masses. Bray would discuss how his secret is now known as “The Fiend”, someone who will protect him and be whoever he simply wants. Here is the latest Firefly Fun House:

Raw Highlights: Sami Zayn sits on The Electric Chair

Raw Highlights
Photo: WWE

Corey Graves would have Sami Zayn be apart of his new segment, “The Electric Chair”. It would be an open forum to ask Zayn any question they want for the fans. In doing that, Zayn would laugh at the boring questions they’d ask. Asking why not ask about his personal life rather than when he is retiring. He would then bring up AEW, asking the fans why they didn’t ask him about that. Corey Graves would quickly cut him off, but it would lead to him vs Seth Rollins in the main event of the show.

Seth Rollins vs Sami Zayn

In a very exciting matchup between two top in-ring wrestlers, Sami Zayn would do all he can to defeat the Universal Champion Seth Rollins. Rollins would tweak his knee on a suicide dive which allowed Zayn a ton of offense in the match. Zayn applied a deep Figure Four Leglock on Rollins but would not be enough. Zayn would keep fighting but instead lose as Rollins would have enough to hit two Stomp’s on Zayn to end the night.

Raw in no way answered like fans would hope. Maybe they feel they have plenty of time before they have to truly pick it up. However, what they proved was that they can put on good parts with matches like Ricochet vs Cesaro and Zayn vs Rollins. But when the first match doesn’t happen almost a third of the way through, you have to change something up.

Make sure to tune back tomorrow for a SmackDown LIVE Highlights Rundown that you will not want to miss.

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