Innovating A New Generation: Pro Wrestling Innovation Scotland’s Newest Promotion

Pro Wrestling Innovation
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In Scotland, there are a number of professional wrestling promotions up and down the country providing top quality shows week in and week out. From Discovery Wrestling (DW) in Edinburgh to Pro Wrestling Elite (PWE) in Ayr to Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) in Glasgow, you don’t often need to travel far if you wish to attend a great wrestling night out. Now, there’s a new promotion on the block – Pro Wrestling Innovation (PWI).

Pro Wrestling Innovation: Scotland’s Newest Promotion

On February 20th, it was revealed that Pro Wrestling Innovation will be hosting their first ever show this coming Friday (May 24th). While there is already a major promotion based in Glasgow with ICW, there’s plenty of space to promote shows in the smaller areas of the city, something that PWI is taking advantage of with their show in Viewpark. It’s not often you hear of wrestling going on in that neck of the woods, but it’s clearly something that’s wanted as tickets have been selling well thus far. When speaking to PWI owner and promotor Declan Early, who also performs regularly in Scotland as Krieger, he said that the company wants to “be entertaining for the whole family”. Early added that “the goal is to have a product that the whole family can come to and enjoy in their local area without breaking the bank”.

Judging by the card that’s been announced at the time of writing, PWI appear to have a focus on using more younger talent over the established names in Scotland. The likes of Angel Hayze, Dean Ford, and Daz Black are all still rising through the ranks of Scottish professional wrestling. Declan added in saying that the promotion will be “aiming to help establish new stars in Scotland”. His plans for doing so are to “have a mix of younger talent in with some of the established stars of our scene. For the younger wrestlers to develop into stars, they need a chance to test themselves against the best”. If this is the game plan for Pro Wrestling Innovation on all of their shows going forward, they could very well become a major player in the Scottish wrestling scene.

Creating his own promotion isn’t something that just came to Declan one day. Ever since he first stepped foot inside the Premier British Wrestling (PBW) Academy five and a bit years ago, he’s wanted to make wrestling his full-time job. He doesn’t want to wait around for opportunities that may or may not come his way and even if they do, he may not have full control in the given situation. As a result, Pro Wrestling Innovation gives Declan that extra advantage to a) achieve his goal of earning a full-time living from wrestling, and b) provide an opportunity to younger wrestlers to prove themselves against some of Scotland’s top names. In saying this, he said that he’s “always had a passion for immersing myself in any part of wrestling that I can and decided now was the correct time to make a go of it”.

It’s time to ring in a new era for Scottish wrestling. The era of Pro Wrestling Innovation is upon us.

Their debut show is set to take place this Friday, May 24th, at the Viewpark Community Centre in Glasgow. Matches currently scheduled for that show include the mountain that is TJ Rage issuing an open challenge to anyone brave enough to challenge him, the high-flying sensation Lucha DS taking on “The Scottish Savage” Davey Blaze, Dean Ford facing the big Italian star Paxxo in a match organised by Ford’s new sports executive “Big Money” Matt Tyson, the rising star Angel Hayze going one on one with “The Twisted Priestess” Jokey, a teacher vs student showcase as Kid Fite takes on Daz Black, and a huge triple threat main event featuring “The Oddity” BT Gunn, “The King of Sink Style” Liam Thomson, and hometown hero Dylan Angel.