Ronda Rousey Interview With Megan Olivi: Recap

Ronda Rousey

Earlier today, former UFC Bantamweight champion and former WWE Raw Womens Champion, Ronda Rousey was interviewed by UFC’s Megan Olivi where she discussed several topics from her relationship with Dana White to her time in WWE. Ronda, while still injured with a broken knuckle from her main event match at Wrestlemania 35 against Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, seemed in great spirits. Here are some highlights below:

Ronda Rousey On her relationship with Dana White:

“Dana’s always gonna be one of my best friends, I love him so much, I will never ever forget that he believed in me when nobody else did, and his belief changed my life, and we have a lot of history, but he’s also somebody who I feel like I can relate to a lot and understands my viewpoint a lot and I can vent to him and get his point of view on things that not a lot of people can understand the situations I’m in…”

Ronda was asked about her expectations of loving professional wrestling so much:

“We were planning on having a kid and we thought about the bucket list of what to do before we had a kid. I always thought it’d be cool to be in the WWE, I didn’t know how much time till like, I become great at it but I could do something for a few months, little did I know that it would snowball within a year. it’s like not knowing how to swim to like winning the Olympics the next year…I absolutely fell in love with it and every single person there. I really found a whole lot of lifelong friends that I didn’t even know were coming. it was something that I thought would be a small detour and it just became my whole life for a year…”

Ronda Rousey continued on her future with WWE:

“They say that no one really retires, so we’ll see. I’m trying to do the baby thing right now so we’re taking it by year, but I do miss a lot of little things about it. Me and the girls would do little ritual, little things that you would do throughout the day…It’s fun watching, but I’m also happy to be resting” (as she shows Megan her current injury).

Ronda goes on to reveal that she had to pull two pieces of glass from her leg recently after a RAW angle:

“I had to pull two pieces of glass out of my leg the other day. In the lead up to WrestleMania we had that backstage…and I was kicking out the thing. So they’re like “kick out the window, but don’t kick it too hard because we’re bringing out the sugar glass window”. Ronda accidentally kicked the real window and dented the frame, she goes on to say, “Well I guess I dented the frame, so then they’re like, we can’t put in the sugar glass, so then I was like, I’ll break the fucking window, and they’re like, you don’t have to break this window, so then I was like, I WANNA BREAK THIS WINDOW!, so I kick out the window and then I’m like YEAH I KICKED OUT THE WINDOW, and then I tried to kick out the frame and then my heel slipped and the glass went up in my leg…and so I was like home and pulling out the glass…”

Ronda discusses her time at WrestleMania and discusses her relationship with Stephanie McMahon:

“When I first came to the organization, I want to do this for a couple of months, we’re gonna have a baby soon, just so you know this isn’t forever. My one request is that when we first start, I wanna finish my storyline with Stephanie. And so that was my request because I love Stephanie so much, which is so funny because we’re all supposed to hate each other so much… it was just an incredible experience, Triple H taught me how to tie my boots, like, how can I not succeed in this situation when I have the best people in this business all set in place to help me succeed. I would be ashamed of myself if I couldn’t exceed every expectation…people didn’t like it all the time but it was fun for me.”

Ronda Rousey discusses what moment felt bigger to her between WWE and UFC:

“Me and Liz Carmouche felt bigger, to me. Even though it was years ago and not too many people watched and it was in the Honda Center where 20,000 people watched compared to Wrestlemania where 80,000 people watched, I just feel like me and Carmouche was the most pivotal moment, like everything had to happen that way or else women’s MMA would’ve ended before it started. With Wrestlemania it felt like all the stars were aligned, the whole universe was conspiring for us to succeed, and I had not in single doubt in my mind that we would succeed, but like for me and Carmouche there were so many outside factors like the numbers to be well and I had to win the match, and I had to win the match in an exciting way and like there were just so many other different factors I had to worry about and I feel like the stakes were higher in a way, even though the venue and the audience was smaller.”

If you’d like to listen to the rest of the interview please feel free to click on the link below:


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