David Starr Wins Super Strong Style 16 (SSS16): PROGRESS

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David Starr released a fantastic promo in the lead up to SSS16 where he called out PROGRESS for their reliance on WWE contracted superstars and how they have lost their identity as an independent wrestling company.  This promo echoed fan sentiments that have been felt since it became evident that PROGRESS was linked with WWE and made Starr a fan favorite and a favorite to win this tournament.

David Starr Wins Super Strong Style 16

In his promo, David Starr also promised to beat the NXT guys, so it was fitting that he faced one of the hottest prospects in NXT UK Jordan Devlin in the final.  The two have prior history in Devlin’s home promotion Over The Top (OTT) Wrestling and now faced off with the role’s reversed.  Starr would defeat Devlin to win the tournament having overcome other NXT UK talents Ilja Dragunov and Travis Banks on his route to victory

David Starr now earns a title shot against WALTER and it would appear that PROGRESS has booked themselves into a corner.  David Starr has never beaten WALTER, this is a story that has been told by Westside Xtreme Wrestling (wXw) over the course of a few years, so PROGRESS can’t have him beat WALTER.  But, now that he is the hot babyface who is representing indie wrestling against the sellout WALTER they almost have to have him win.

That is a problem for another day, for now, David Starr has won the most prestigious tournament in the UK and become a main event star in PROGRESS as the voice of the fans and an independent wrestler.

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