#AndNEW Allysin Kay Regains Shine Championship

Allysin Kay
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At Tokyo Joshi Pro’s event TJP Girls Shining, I Will Fly To Sapporo, Allysin Kay showed up with one object in mind. The Shine Wrestling Championship. The belt that she had fought for years to attain. Kay won the Shine Championship Tournament on September 8, 2018, by defeating three women in one night. And in a flash, over WrestleMania week, it was gone.

Allysin Kay had been challenged by Miyu Yamashita for a title for title match at the WWNLive Supershow Mercury Rising 2019. Allysin would defend her Shine Championship, and Miyu would defend her Princess of Princess Championship. Yamashita would stun Kay and everyone in attendance by walking away with both belts. Since April 5th, there has only been one thing on the AK-47’s mind: regaining her prize. To do so would not be easy, as she would have to go to face Yamashita on her turf, Japan.

Flying over fifteen hours, Allysin arrived in Japan and worked a Tokyo Joshi Pro show on May 5th. There she would face off against Miyu in a six-woman tag team match, teaming with Thunder Rosa and Yuji Kamifuku. On May 6th would be the day Kay had been waiting for. In Sapporo, Kay challenged Yamashita in the semi-main event for the Shine Championship. After a long match, clocking in at just over 14 minutes, Allysin hit the deathblow for Yamashita’s title reign: a devastating rolling lariat. The winner and NEW Shine Wrestling Champion, Allysin Kay! In the post-match comments, both women teased wanted to wrestle each other again.


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