#AndNEW Bea Priestley Wins World Of Stardom Championship

Bea Priestley

Colloquially as “The Red Belt” the World Of Stardom Championship has always been the top title in Stardom.  Its lineage of champions includes only ten people in the eight-year history of the title.  Names like Meiko SatomuraIo ShiraiNanae TakahashiMayu IwataniKairi Hojo (Now Kairi Sane in WWE) and the controversial Yoshiko have all held the title and now Bea Priestley can add her name to this lineage.

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On today’s special Queen’s Quest Produce Show, which is Priestley’s faction, she faced Kagetsu who dethroned Toni Storm and has been champion for 329 days.  Kagetsu’s run as champion was a transitional period for Stardom as they built up the likes of Momo Watanabe and Utami Hayashishita during this time and arguably pushed them harder than Kagetsu.

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The veteran Kagetsu and Priestley went to battle for the top prize in Stardom and it was Priestley who emerged victorious using the Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex, a move innovated by the legendary Manami Toyota, a move which Priestley has added to her arsenal recently to great success.  Priestley was always seen by Stardom management as a potential star and now that she has seemingly joined Stardom full time it is the perfect time for her to get the championship.

Photo: Stardom

The balance of power in Stardom once again shifts towards Queen’s Quest who now hold 5 of the titles in Stardom including the top two championships the World Of Stardom and Wonder Of Stardom (currently held by Watanabe) Championships.  Priestley winning comes as a surprise and another change to the hierarchy of Stardom after Arisa Hoshiki‘s win in the Cinderella Tournament and the Stardom Draft giving us a whole new faction.


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