GCW Taking Next Steps, Joining Warped Tour and Heading to Japan

Game Changer Wrestling GCW
Photo: GCW

New Jersey’s Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) has been doing just that for years now. The previously regional New Jersey promotion, known for its hard-driving and tough hardcore matches and it’s passionate indie wrestling, has been getting bigger every year since Brett Lauderdale and Danny Demento took over Jersey Championship Wrestling (JCW) from Ricky O in 2015 and rebranded the now 20-year old indie promotion as GCW in 2015. The began the Joey Janela series during WrestleMania week in 2017 with the first Joey Janela’s Spring Breaklaunched the Bloodsport annual event at 2018’s WrestleMania week, and added new Janela events like Joey Janela’s Lost in New York and Joey Janela’s LA Confidential in 2018 as well. They’ve also been regularly working outside their Jersey/New York City regional stronghold and hold events in Milwaukee, WI, Allentown, PA, Chicago, Philadelphia and beyond, including now regular trips to the West Coast. In 2017, they teamed up with Mexico’s hardcore promotion, Desastre Total Ultraviolento (DTU), for a trio of shows on the Epidemia Destructiva Tour in July in Pachuca, Guadalajara and San Luis Potosi, Mexico. And now they’re going even further.

GCW is Big in Japan

The first huge announcement was that GCW was going to be running two shows in Japan this summer, on August 22 and August 23, in Tokyo. GCW has had a strong relationship with several of Japan’s hardest hitting promotions the past few years, primarily Pro Wrestling FREEDOMS and Big Japan Wrestling, plus loads of top deathmatch freelancers. Over the years, GCW has brought many of these legends from the East to the US for events, such as FREEDOM’s Jun Kasai, Daisuke Masaoka, and Masashi Takeda, as well as BJW’s Takayuki Ueki, DDT Pro‘s Isami Kodaka and ZERO-1‘s Masato Tanaka. Now GCW is going to be sending some of their best, presumably to compete with some familiar GCW faces who reside in Japan, to bring their product into the Eastern world of deathmatch wrestling.

Game Changer Wrestling Gets Warped

Pro wrestling on music tours is nothing new, but it’s a great step in getting your product in front of new fans who may be interested in your style of wrestling. NXT has famously been a part of the UK’s Download Festival for years, and now GCW is finding themselves on two nights of the 2019 Vans Warped Tour for its 25th Anniversary Tour when the punk rock festival comes through Atlantic City, New Jersey this June 29 and 30.


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