Jon Moxley is BACK

MOX. Jon Moxley, formerly WWE’s Dean Ambrose, has seemingly let the world know that he is back and ready to make an impact. 

Following a couple months of being told that Moxley would be on the way out of the WWE, fans continuously speculated that it may be a “work”, the WWE would be fooling all of his and he would ultimately re-sign with the company. Moxley all but guaranteed in his tweet that he is ready to return to glory outside of the WWE.

With the signs he showed in the video, is the prison that he is escaping a shot at the WWE? As well as it looks like he may look to return to his deathmatch roots as he had barbed wire in hand.

Regardless, this all but tells us that Moxley will be back in someway, and for those who don’t know who Jon Moxley truly is, take a look here as it highlights the path Moxley took before finally signing with the company.

Now the only question remains is: Where will Jon Moxley call home? 

Could it be a big name brand like AEW or ROH? Or could he return home to CZW?

We will sure find out soon enough.