Updated Preview: Stardom Cinderella Tournament (4/29/19)

stardom cinderella tournament

The annual Stardom Cinderella tournament takes place at their next venture to Korakuen Hall.  The tournament is unique due to the rules of the matches, every match except for the final has a 10-minute time limit, a competitor can win by pinfall, submission or throwing their opponent over the top rope and if the match ends in a draw both competitors are eliminated.  The winner of the tournament is granted one wish, which usually ends up being a title shot.

Stardom Cinderella Tournament Preview

STARS (Saya Iida & Hanan) vs Queen’s Quest (Leo Onozaki & Hina) vs Tokyo Cyber Squad (Ruaka & Rina)

Photo: Stardom

Changed from the originally scheduled battle royal as Natsumi and Mari Apache won’t be arriving in Japan until mid-May.  It’ll still function as a fun opener for the show as the younger members of the roster get their chance to show their progression.  This is Ruaka’s comeback match from injury and is the first time some of these youngsters are teaming together since the draft.  There is a lot of history in play between all six as Ruaka, Onozaki and Iida were formerly in JAN together and Hanan, Rina, and Hina are sisters with the latter two being twins.  With Hanan, Onozaki, and Ruaka being the senior member of their team it’s likely that one of them will pick up the win here

1st Round Matches

Arisa Hoshiki vs Saki Kashima

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STARS vs STARS as two of Mayu Iwatani‘s best friends go to battle.  Hoshiki has recently confirmed she will be wrestling full time from May onwards so it wouldn’t be a shock to see her win the entire tournament.  Hoshiki’s lethal arsenal of kicks will come in handy here against Kashima who usually specializes in tag team or trios matches.

AZM vs Rebel Kel

Photo: Stardom

The boss of Queen’s Quest AZM will need to step up withing QQ after the Stardom Draft and a win in this tournament would get her off to a good start.  Kel has mostly eaten pins during her tour and will probably put AZM over here.

Hana Kimura vs Andras Miyagi

Photo: Stardom

Kimura is an interesting piece of the puzzle in Stardom right now.  With her stepping up to lead her own faction she may move up and replace Jungle Kyona in Stardom’s big 4, a good start to that would be a win over Miyagi.  Miyagi has been very protected since joining Stardom only losing to Momo Watanabe so far and often picking up the win in tag matches.  This could really go either way as both can take a loss but a win would make sense

Hazuki vs Bea Priestley

Stardom Cinderella Tournament
Photo: Stardom

Hazuki has been on fire ever since tag league last year and her run as High Speed Champion has won her many fans.  Priestley has always been a protected commodity in Stardom but she has a World Of Stardom title shot coming up soon so it wouldn’t make sense for her to win this tournament.  She is likely to beat Hazuki but a Hazuki win wouldn’t be shocking either.

Natsuko Tora vs Jungle Kyona

Stardom Cinderella Tournament
Photo: Stardom

These two fought in December to a draw back when they were still in JAN (r.i.p) but now there is bad blood involved.  Tora has been happy to see JAN’s demise and joined Oedo Tai which has hurt Kyona who fought by her side for a year.  With that bad blood in play, this one should be nasty and a Kyona win is likely.

Kagetsu vs Tam Nakano

Stardom Cinderella Tournament
Photo: Stardom

World Of Stardom Champion Kagetsu probably isn’t going to win the tournament as she is the holder of the company’s top title but she will probably beat Nakano.  Tam is protected to a degree and often picks up wins but she won’t beat a member of Stardom’s big 4.

Momo Watanabe vs Konami

Stardom Cinderella Tournament
Photo: Stardom

Former teammates in QQ and now enemies this is the match to watch in the first round.  Both have some of the hardest kicks in Stardom and Joshi in general and Momo is the best in the company while the Asuka trained Konami has an MMA influence that makes her stand out in Stardom.  Konami’s new mantra is “F**k QQ” so Watanabe will want to make her pay.  Watanabe will probably win this one but a Konami win would definitely elevate her now that she is a key part of the Tokyo Cyber Squad

Natsu Sumire vs Starlight Kid

Stardom Cinderella Tournament
Photo: Stardom

Natsu Sumire is a character that can lose to anybody but never suffers from it so it wouldn’t be shocking to see her lose to Starlight Kid who is on the rise and due a big win.  This is another one that could go either way but a win for Natsu Sumire is most likely.

Second Round

Starlight Kid or Natsu Sumire vs Hazuki or Bea Priestley

Momo Watanabe or Konami vs AZM or Rebel Kel

Arisa Hoshiki or Saki Kashima vs Tam Nakano or Kagetsu

Hana Kimura or Andras Miyagi vs Jungle Kyona or Natsuko Tora


Considering she’s going to become a full-time wrestler and has been improving greatly since her comeback it’s hard to look past Arisa Hoshiki.  We still need the payoff for her insulting Momo Watanabe’s kicks so her wishing to face Watanabe for the Wonder of Stardom Championship is a likely move and it would move her up to STARS’ Ace while Iwatani rehabs her knee injury.


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