Preview: Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW) – Fallout (4/27/19)

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After a historic Clash Of The Titans, which saw Slex crowned the dual champion, Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW) returns this weekend with all of the Fallout. Once again the management team at MCW have put together an incredible card of in-ring competition. 

Photo: MCW

Outside of the ring, there is also a score to be settled when Seb Costello and former MCW World Heavyweight Champion Gino Gambino’s manager Sebastian Walker come face to face. After losing his championship last month a bloodied and furious Gambino along with Walker issued an ominous warning to Costello, will he regret his decision to return to MCW after costing Gambino the World Heavyweight Championship?

Preview: Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW) – Fallout (4/27/19)

Tommy Knight vs Dowie James vs T-Rex

Photo: MCW

South Australia’s rapidly rising star Tommy Knight is set to make his MCW debut this weekend. Knight will square off with MCW favorite Dowie James and Southern Pro Wrestling’s (SPW) monstrous T-Rex.

Knight has been staking his claim to be South Australia’s best super heavyweight for a while now. He finally secured his place at the pinnacle late last year when he defeated Jonah Rock in his final Australian match before joining NXT.

James is clearly the odd man out in terms of size and power in this one. However, ‘Super’ Dowie has been known to pull off unbelievable feats in the past in order to walk out with a W.

Helter Skelter (Jake Andrewartha & Big Ali) vs Jonathan Preston & Alan Payne

Photo: MCW

When Helter Skelter attacked Jett during his heartfelt speech last month they wouldn’t have been expecting to be foiled by a returning combination of Preston & Payne. However, now that these two vicious and callous individuals have once again joined forces the war is well and truly underway between these two groups.

In a backstage interview at Clash Of The Titans, Julian James issued quite the blood-chilling threat to Preston & Payne. For Payne, in particular, this likely to come with added gravitas, having been a member of the Helter Skelter ‘family’ not too long ago he knows first hand the damage they can reap.

Ritchie Taylor vs DCT

Photo: MCW

Last month at Clash Of The Titans Taylor had what many fans dubbed the match of the night against Robbie Eagles. Although unsuccessful in that particular bout Taylor has proven that he is hard as nails and deserves he place in MCW. This weekend he will be looking to reverse his fortunes and get back into the winner’s circle when he takes on DCT.

The former Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) World Heavyweight Champion DCT kicked off his MCW in-ring career last month with a somewhat controversial victory over Mike Burr. Following his win DCT would go on to viciously attack the weekend Burr, ultimately leading to Taylor coming to the rescue, much to the disgust of DCT.

This weekend Taylor and DCT will be able to settle the score when they stand across the ring from each other ahead of what is expected to be a brutally hard-hitting affair.

Kellyanne vs Millie McKenzie

Photo: MCW

Still livid after her coming up short in last month’s triple threat match, which also featured Indi Hartwell and Avary, Kellyanne is looking to get her MCW career back on track by taking on one the world’s best competitors in Millie McKenzie.

McKenzie is making her MCW debut and will be looking to prove to the MCW faithful why she has is receiving such high praise around the globe.

Both of these ladies are world-class competitors and could very well steal the show in this one.

MCW Tag Team Championships: The Brat Pack (Nick Bury & Mitch Waterman) (c) vs Street Gang Hooligans (Logan Grey & Alex Kingston)

Photo: MCW

After recapturing the MCW Tag Team Championships in a TLC match last month The Brat Pack have been cockier than ever, proclaiming themselves as the countries best tag team. 

However, there are a number of teams from around the country who have taken exception to the boasting of The Brat Pack. The first team to answer the call, and potentially prove the cocky young upstarts wrong, are Perth’s Street Gang Hooligans. Over on the west coast, Gray and Kingston have been two of the best competitors, whether that be in singles or tag team action, for quite some time now.

Will the experience edge help Street Gang Hooligans pick up the win. Or will the cocky Brat Pack somehow secure the win by any means necessary?

Indi Hartwell vs Avary

Photo: MCW

After picking up the win in the triple threat encounter last month, via the ‘Daddy Issues’ cradle DDT on Hartwell, Avary now sits on the throne of the MCW Women’s Division.

Hartwell, however, believes that Avary’s claim to the throne is shrouded in controversy given the format of their last match at Clash Of The Titans. Following the match, Hartwell claimed that the match wasn’t a triple threat but rather a handicap match, stacked against her. So this weekend Hartwell is looking to prove that in an equal one on one contest she is truly the most ‘impressive’ woman on the MCW roster by defeating the so-called ‘queen’ of the division, Avary.

MCW World Heavyweight & Intercommonwealth Championships: Slex (c) vs Robbie Eagles

Photo: MCW

The newly crowned MCW dual champion will face incredibly stiff competition in the first defense of his new championship belts when he faces the ‘Sniper Of The Skies’ Robbie Eagles.

After knocking Gino Gambino off his pedestal last month Slex is looking to solidify his reign as THE top dog in MCW as he defends both the MCW World Heavyweight Championship and MCW Intercommonwealth Championship simultaneously.

The first challenger for the two titles is set to be none other than Bullet Club member, and as of last night, a New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) Best Of The Super Juniors competitor Robbie Eagles. Whilst Eagles’ career in MCW has been filled with ups and downs his global star has been rising rapidly thanks to standout performances in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) and just a few weeks ago at multiple events during Wrestlemania weekend.

Can Slex cement himself at the top of MCW or will a driven Eagles be determined to carry both Titles into the prestigious BOSJ tournament?


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