Indie Sensation Darby Allin is All Elite

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On this week’s episode of the Road to Double or Nothing, the end revealed the company’s latest signee in EVOLVE star and indie sensation¬†Darby Allin. The high flying daredevil with his punk rock counter-culture demeanor played in perfectly, when he appeared at the end breaking into a parking lot, vandalizing a car, and setting the words AEW up in fire.

A former pro skateboarder, Darby Allin made his debut in 2015 and a year later became a rising star with EVOLVE Wrestling. With his dark personality and a shocking disregard for his own health and safety in the ring, he became a cult hero to the masses, a daredevil willing to risk life and limb for his victories. During his tenure with EVOLVE, he was embroiled in a sensational feud with “All Ego” Ethan Page, that really elevated Darby Allin’s name within the industry.

Since then, Allin has become a force on the indies, working with Major League Wrestling (MLW), Game Changer Wrestling (GCW), Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG), Bar Wrestling, and his hometown DEFY Wrestling, among others.

Not only is Darby Allin now a part of AEW, but he’s starting with the company soon as well. Maybe it was Cody Rhodes’ car that was vandalized in the video, because “The American Nightmare” will face Darby Allin at the recently announced Fyter Fest at the CEO Gaming Convention in June.

Another solid acquisition by AEW, as they sign one of the hottest young stars on the circuit.