Joey Janela’s Spring Break 3 Kicks Off With A Fun One

Game Changer Wrestling (GCW)‘s Joey Janela’s Spring Break 3 series has become a bonafide hit franchise for the Jersey-based promotion and one of WrestleMania week’s must-see attractions. Its popularity has become so overwhelming, that this year, they are running on two nights. Part one ran on Friday night and once again delivered a fun and entertaining show, with some solid grappling, some feel-good moments, and some absolute hilarity.

The Returns of Two Injured Stars

In the opening contest, Joey Janela made his miraculous return to the ring after breaking his knee and severely damaging his leg only six months ago. At the time, it was expected he’d be out of action over a year, with early 2020 as the original time table. But he made a shocking return for the debut episode of Beyond Wrestling‘s Uncharted Territory show on Wednesday night, re-igniting a feud from last year with David Starr in the process. Janela kicked off Spring Break Part One by facing another star who suffered an injury, a broken leg, last year in Marko Stunt. Marko Stunt exploded onto the national indie scene following an appearance at Joey Janela’s Lost in New York event last year and just as he was blowing up, broke his leg at Joey Janela’s LA Confidential last November. A big test for both men making their returns to the ring, but ultimately Marko Stunt prevailed, as both look ready to bust out in 2019 in a big way.

The Arrival of Dustin Thomas

Photo: Dustin Thomas FB Page

Who? Yes, chances are you’ve never heard of this indie wrestler before but if you saw Spring Break 3, you do now. The New York wrestler is unique in the fact that Dustin Thomas has no legs. That’s right, he’s a pro wrestler with no lower appendages. But that didn’t stop him from near stealing the show in his match against CHIKARA and GCW regular Tony Deppen last night, as he showed off the athleticism that most two-legged wrestlers don’t possess.

An Emotional Return (and Victory) for Jungle Boy

It was a sad day for millions around the world when Hollywood actor Luke Perry passed away last month, but none more than for rising indie star Jungle Boy. The young West Coast star, who had recently signed with All Elite Wrestling, is Luke Perry’s son. Following the tragic passing of Perry, Jungle Boy cancelled his foreseeable bookings to mourn with his family. But he returned to the ring Friday night in a scramble match against Jake Atlas, A-Kid, Australian Suicide, Shane Mercer and Slim J, and not only put on a showing but picked up the victory.

An Invisible Showdown

Photo: GCW

Joey Janela was the one to break the news a while back that The Invisible Man, a famed wrestler who won last year’s Clusterf*ck Battle Royal. But it turned out he was just taken out by an Invisible Stan, and on Friday night the Invisible Man got his revenge by taking out his attacker. Bryce Remsberg had to officiate wearing infrared goggles, as the two invisible combatants put on an instant classic that had the White Eagle Hall enthralled.

The Lonely Starman

“All Ego” Ethan Page has had a bit of trouble getting booked proper on the Spring Break series, and this year he had to fight for his soul on Friday night. A mysterious masked figure called Starman came out and shockingly defeated Page in only four seconds.

After the victory, Starman unmasked revealing himself to be former WWE Superstar Virgil, who had finally got on the card and also picked up a big win.


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