AAA Lucha Libre’s Historic Announcement From Madison Square Garden!

Today AAA Lucha Libre announced that on September 15th, 2019 the show will be hosting an event Live from Madison Square Garden. Tickets will go on sale on May 5th, 2019 (Cinco De Mayo). The CEO of MSG came on following the announcement to discuss AAA coming to New York City many years ago to host a show at the MSG theatre. The G1 Supercard Of Honor was brought up and what it’s success did to help with AAA Lucha Libre coming into Madison Square Garden.

Carlos Giraldo Hisa from the Mexican Consulate of New York City was announced to talk a bit about the involvement the organization had with bringing AAA Lucha Libre to New York City for the big event. He spoke a bit in Spanish discussing the importance of bringing in the big event and how it should help the relationship with the United States and Mexico with New York City having a great populous of Mexican born U.S. citizens.

Peter Luco from “Oak View” was presented to discuss the company’s story. Luco mentioned the buildings that were built specifically for events and how he and Eric Gardner, a colleague of his, could bring content and shows to the facilities. Luco discussed the idea of bringing in AAA Lucha Libre into Madison Square Garden and thanked the promotion for the partnership.

Hugo Savinovich was brought in to discuss authentic Lucha Libre coming to New York City for what may be a three-hour event. Savinovich talked about Lucha Libre being the second most popular sport in the country of Mexico only behind the sport of Soccer. He briefly played up his commentary to tell the media how Lucha Libre commentary should be executed.

Savinovich introduces AAA owner Dorian Roldan to the stage. Roldan thanked the press, the city of New York, NYC and Company, who has partnered with the promotion and the city to assist in bringing the promotion to Madison Square Garden. He continued to thank everyone else involved and discussed the reality of Lucha Libre finally being in America and being in New York City. Dorian discussed this being part of AAA’s strategic expansion into coming to the United States. He discussed the previous news that came from the Mexican Government declaring that September 21st has been officially made into National Lucha Libre Day, honoring the sport of Lucha Libre and all its athletes and performers.

Photo: AAA

Konnan, Daga, Taya Valkyrie, Puma King, Tessa Blanchard, Fenix, Drago, Aerostar, Blue Demon Jr., and Pentagon Jr. got on stage to thank everyone and hype up the show coming later this year. The performers were then interviewed by the media thereafter. A question was asked from a representative from a Mexican Media outlet, and asked the question if AAA would be outdrawing the WWE as it did in 1994, Dorian Roldan answered the question by stating that they will be bringing their style of professional wrestling to the states and that with their difference in style they hope to attract as many fans as possible.

A question was asked about the presence of all other companies joining the big show in September in which Dorian teased that big announcements were coming as it relates to the card that the promotion would be advertising soon. Konnan and Pentagon Jr. were asked about the booming popularity of Lucha Libre. Pentagon stated that Luchadors and Lucha Libre as a whole will be the most popular brand of professional wrestling. Konnan talked about the beginnings of Lucha Libre in the United States and compared it to Hip Hop and how it slowly popularized to now being a well-respected brand of entertainment.

Photo: AAA

The question was asked about Cain Velasquez coming to the show in September but did not give an answer, saying that there are many more announcements to come. Tessa and Taya Valkyrie squared up on each other which may lead to a possible rematch down the road. All in all, a positive press conference with many surprises to come soon from Dorian and company.