Preview: Breed Pro Wrestling Colossal Tussle (4/7/19)

Breed Pro Wrestling kicks off WrestleMania day in Sheffield with a show packed with hungry talent looking to make their mark.  Most of this card was also put together by fans.  Ridgeway vs Davis headlines as those two continue their feud and compete to earn a title shot.

Brady Phillips vs Will Kroos

Photo: Breed Pro Wrestling

Phillips is an emerging Wrestler who is athletically impressive.  He debuted in 2016 and utilizes the modern day indie wrestling style that’s common in the British Indie scene.  So far Tidal Wrestling and Southside Wrestling Entertainment have regularly used him.  Will Kroos is a very different proposition he’d much rather beat you down and break you than try and avoid you.  You can usually find Kroos at Tidal Wrestling or British Wrestling Revolution.  These two recently had a match in Tidal that received high praise from the fans in attendance and they will be looking to recreate that for Breed.

Big Guns Joe vs Fraser Thomas

Photo: Breed Pro Wrestling

Joe is a wrestler who is starting to get big opportunities in the scene.  He recently had a match in NGW against World Of Sport star Adam Maxted and has been on TNT Ignition shows which are currently showcasing some of the brightest talents in the UK and Ireland.  Joe’s opponent is Fraser Thomas, Thomas is best known for making headlines for losing sixteen stone slimming down from.  He trains with Fight Club: PRO and has a story that helps him connect to fans easily.

Gene Munny In The Bank- Gene Munny vs Sugar Dunkerton vs Man Like Dereiss vs Sandy Beach

Photo: Breed Pro Wrestling

Technically Gene Munny is still wrestling Session Moth Martina in a falls count anywhere match from the last Breed show.  That might lead to him being too mentally distracted to defend his briefcase.  What’s in that briefcase? No one knows, only Gene, and he won’t tell anyone.  Whatever it is it’s great and everyone will want it so here we are!

New Breed Tournamen- JJ Barker vs Joe Nelson

Photo: Breed Pro Wrestling

Nelson is another member of the card that’s working his way up the ladder right now.  He’s an athletic dude who uses his lightness to his advantage whenever he can.  From what we’ve seen of him his selling is his strongest asset as he always makes everything his opponent throws at him look like it really did damage.  Barker, for someone that’s 18, is already a phenomenal prospect and the New Breed tournament was made for talents like him.  Nelson and Barker have had matches before so that should help them deliver the best match possible here.

Photo: Breed Pro

Alec Mikaels gets another opportunity to face a prominent UK talent.  In his debut, the hometown hero Mikaels faced Omari and took the fight to the Fight Club: PRO regular but was screwed out of the win by a mystery attacker who sided with Omari.  Mikaels gets to face a man who was on national television as part of World Of Sport and has held titles all over the UK for companies like RevProPreston City WrestlingDefiant WrestlingInternational Pro Wrestling: UK and many more.  Kirby is a man that has wrestled for almost every top promotion there is in the UK and will provide stiff opposition for Mikaels.

Women Of Steel Qualifier- Rhio vs Kanji

Photo: Breed Pro Wrestling

Two of the brightest female prospects in the UK will clash for a spot in the Woman Of Steel tournament.  Kanji has been a regular for DEFIANT where she is the current women’s champion and has beaten the likes of Kay Lee Ray, Millie McKenzieLana Austin, and Bea Priestley.  The heart and soul of Defiant’s women’s division she is going to make the most of this opportunity.  22-year old, four-year veteran Rhio stands in Kanji’s way.  The PCW graduate is a former 2-time PCW women’s champion and has had a long enough reign as Tidal Wrestling’s women’s champion.  Both women are no strangers to holding and they will both be looking to add more to their collection by progressing in the WOS tournament.  This one may just Steal.The.Show!

2 Out Of 3 Falls- Scotty Davis vs Chris Ridgeway

Photo: Breed Pro Wrestling

Davis and Ridgeway are no strangers to sharing a ring with one another.  Both men are old school in a way as they are more shoot, mat wrestling oriented than you usually see.  This leads to insane chemistry whenever the two share a ring as they have awesome strike exchanges as well as technical mat exchanges.  This match more than any other has stakes as not only does the winner get a title shot but Davis attacked Ridgeway for eliminating him from the fatal four way to crown the first Breed champion.  Ridgeway comes into this one with momentum on his side as he comes off a huge win over Ilja Dragunov at Never Fight A Man With A Perm, a match you can watch for free,  while Davis will want revenge on TK Cooper after non-stop interference from ETM caused him to come up short in his title challenge at the same show.  Two shooters, two men on the rise in indie wrestling, both hungry, both wanting the gold, this could be another special match from Breed.