Mike Mendoza Opens Official Twitter Account, Fake One Is Still Active

Last week, the wrestling world found out about Mike Mendoza but in the wrong way. The Puerto Rican wrestler was in hot water when a fake account pretending to be him called New Japan Pro Wrestling star Tama Tonga a racial slur. Tonga trolled the fake account, and many reported it, but the damage was done. By noon, Mendoza’s international career was almost over.

Thankfully, many wrestling colleagues, friends, and family members confirmed that the account was not his. Last Word on Pro Wrestling broke the story of the fake acoount and by midnight, Tama Tonga had already cleared the air.

The fake account (@MikeEscorpion) remained inactive for several days but is now back again trolling on Twitter. It puts photos of Mendoza’s recent show in Puerto Rico for World Wrestling League (WWL). Moreover, it pretends to know family members and colleagues.

Plenty of signs show how ignorant the person behind it truly is. They talk primarily in English and barely knows good Spanish. And, even when talking in Spanish, he throws out Mexican slang. Another sign is a mix of photos. Mendoza is not an active social media user and this account puts too many photos in it. For example, it has a photo of Mendoza and Fashion from a newspaper. That photo is two years old and that newspaper is out of business. Moreover, the account seems fixated on attacking Tama Tonga and following anybody that he’s willing to troll.

Officially on Twitter 

Some members of the Mendoza family are trying to close the account. They’re encouraging everybody to report it. Moreover, the original Mike Mendoza has opened his official account (@mike_escorpion). Mendoza has only four tweets (all in Spanish) and has threatened the fake account to come to him in real life. The account threw his real name (Victor Ortiz), which can be found in WWE.com and in Wikipedia, but the real Mendoza wasn’t amused and has issued a warning to whoever is behind the account.

You can follow the real Mike Mendoza @mike_escorpion.

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