Looking for Independence: Hijo del Fantasma’s Exit from AAA

By now the news of the exit of Hijo del Fantasma from AAA has been evident. The former AAA Latin American Champion announced his departure this week, and his future looks uncertain. While many independent workers, like Puma King, Flamita, Rey Horus and the Lucha Brothers have found success in the US independent scene, that doesn’t seem to be the case for Fantasma.

Fantasma is in the middle of a legal battle with his former employer, Lucha Underground. He joins Ivelisse and Thunder Rosa in the legal action for the freedom of their LU contract. In Fantasma’s case, it is reported that the contract expires in 2020. That would mean he can’t do television appearances on any American promotions. With the booming wrestling scene in the US and essential shows outside of WWE, this is a killer. Companies like Major League Wrestling and even All Elite Wrestling, not to mention WWE, would benefit by having a guy like Fantasma in their roster.

The Rise of Hijo del Fantasma 

Photo: CMLL

Hijo del Fantasma initially worked for Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre. After noticing the complex hierarchical ladder that many young wrestlers have to climb in the company, Fantasma decided to join the rival promotion AAA. In AAA, Fantasma quickly found success. He quickly became one of the stables of the company winning every singles championship except for the Mega title.

In the later years, Fantasma achieved his most significant fame when wrestling under the King Cuerno character in Lucha Underground. Cuerno wowed everybody and had many talking about the impressive display that Hijo del Fantasma could do. From then on, Fantamsa appeared in various independent shows in the US and IMPACT Wrestling. Recently, Fantasma lost his mask on TripleMania against L.A. Park. He was supposed to challenge Rey Fenix this year for the AAA Mega Championship, but, as you noticed in the AAA Rey de Reyes 2019 show, the plans were changed.

The Next Home

Hijo del Fantasma has a lot of work in his hand. His former employer has a working agreement with All Elite Wrestling and Impact Wrestling has taken out his name from their upcoming shows with LU. Ring of Honor seems to be set with Bandido and Rush. The only two options for him are WWE and MLW. The latter is excellent at promoting Mexican wrestling. WWE has in their next class Garza Jr., so is uncertain if the would go all in for the 34-year-old Fantasma.

In Mexico, Fantasma could reach an agreement with CMLL, as L.A. Park and the Lucha Brothers did. Mexico’s oldest company is open for ex-AAA wrestlers, such was the case for El Mesias and Cibernetico. The Crash has now a working agreement with The Crash, so that could be another possibility. For now, Hijo del Fantasma will need to concentrate on his legal battle, getting an indie booking in the US and reaching a deal with CMLL or The Crash.