Preview: WWL Todo o Nada (3/15/19)

World Wrestling League has everything going for them and this Friday represents their biggest in 2019. The company presents Todo o Nada (All or Nothing) in Dorado, Puerto Rico. Such a town has been their permanent home and has given great matches in the process. Last time they were in there, IMPACT Wrestling‘s LAX make the announcement of going after the WWL Tag Team Championships.

WWL is right now years ahead on their competition in Puerto Rico. The number one company has been going strong since their TV deal and despite the exit of Mecha Wolf 450 and Westside Mafia.

Since the start of 2019, the company went with their no-brainers. They started to push their young stars, Angel Fashion, Los Primos Melendez and Mark Davidson. Moreover, Mike Mendoza, arguably their best wrestler and the best promising star on the island, return from injury. Add the fact that BJ‘s heel persona has been nothing but gold and that former 3x WWC Universal Champion, Mighty Ursus, joined their lines.

Fashion’s Last Chance 

WWL Heavyweight Championship: BJ (C) vs. Angel Fashion

Photo: WWL

Angel Fashion’s rise on the island seemed inevitable. After leaving WWC, he was welcomed with open arms by WWL and had a tremendous run with his partner, Mike Mendoza. After moving to Florida, he expanded his ability and has been working to get to the next level. He was recently shown as part of the WWE recruits in Chile.

In WWL, the former leader of Holy Fashion has been going hard against the WWL Heavyweight Champion, BJ. The latter is a supreme talker and has carried the title better than many thought he could. Perhaps the greatest example of this was his promo in a graveyard, where he told Fashion that he was going to end his career and buried it just like his deceased grandfather.

On Todo o Nada, Fashion has the big task of beating BJ, if not, he will not get another chance. Other players have made this hard. Mendoza, his best friend, is after the title. And Ursus, a former enemy from WWC, wants a hold of it too. The dynamic of Mendoza and Fashion and the possibility of a future feud has everyone on the edge of this story. For WWL, this is their golden goose and they are working it beautifully.

The Scorpion vs. The Might 

Mike Mendoza vs. Mighty Ursus 

Photo: WWL

Mendoza and Ursus go way back, but with different tales. There was a time when Mighty Ursus was the face of World Wrestling Council, at that time, the biggest company in the island. In such time, Mendoza was a mid-card guy, fighting for recognition and even joining the heel stable, El Sindicato. Now, the table has turned. Ursus is no longer a power player and Mendoza is the face of the brand.

The match is simple, they both want supremacy and a chance at the WWL Championship. Although Ursus is a heavy player, when put on a bad spot, he can deliver big. He will have to, Mendoza is bringing his A-game and has recovered 100% from his injury.

WWL & CWA Tag Team Championship: Los Primos Melendez (Alex & Victor Melendez) (c) vs. Los Fugitivos (Alejandro Marrero & Wilfredo Rivera) (c) vs. LAX (Santana & Ortiz)

Photo: WWL

LAX, Santana & Ortiz, are back in the motherland. This time around, they are going for the gold. LAX will go after the WWL Tag Team Championships (Primos Melendez) and CWA Tag Team Championship (Los Fugitivos). The tag team championship teams had probably the best match yet this year on the island. They brought glory to the tag team division in WWL – which has been one of the best in the past two years.

WWL Americas Championship: “Man-Beast” Enyel (c) vs. Mark Davidson 

Photo: WWL

Mark Davidson is probably the best WWL Cruiserweight champion in the company’s history. Although he’s still a project to be worked on, he’s been rising in the card. Now, he’s looking to become double champion, for this, he has to go all the way up to the mid-card and face wrestling veteran and WWL Americas Champion, Enyel. The latter is a trainwreck when it comes to championship bouts, expect this to be a contrast of styles.

Other big things to happen for the show:

  • Salina de la Renta, the Major League Wrestling star, will have a role in the show, associated with Fashion.
  • El Gentil, one of the best rising stars in the island, is debuting for WWL.
  • WWL is looking to revive their women’s division. Their previous champion was Ivelisse.