Mr. Niebla Returns to CMLL Despite Problems with Alcohol

In some breaking news from Mexico, veteran wrestler, Mr. Niebla, is returning this Tuesday to Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre. “El Rey del Guaguancó” was fired before by CMLL because of his problems with alcohol.

Mr. Niebla’s Alcoholism 

CMLL is preparing themselves for their giant Homenaje a Dos Leyendas show this Friday. While they were having a bad run lately, this Friday show is sure to deliver a much-needed boost. But, in midst of all this process, they took the questionable decision to invite back former CMLL World Heavyweight Champion, Mr. Niebla. The former member and leader of La Peste Negra will be replacing Shocker.

In the last part of 2018, Niebla was fired by the number one company in Mexico. He was wrestling under the influence of alcohol in some of their Monday and Tuesday shows in Mexico City. As we reported back in Septemeber, “Mr. Niebla was visibly drunk in the ring” in a Nuevos Valores show:

“The match featured La Peste Negra which was Rey Bucanero, Negro Casas and Mr. Niebla against Atlantis, Mistico and Volador Jr. Fans started to wonder about Nieblas condition when he went to the top rope to raise his arm in his entrance and fell off the ring.

This made Volador Jr. switch gear and think about the health and security of his fellow wrestlers. Volador unmasked Niebla in the second fall – barely minutes into the match – so that the match could end in two straight falls. Fans started to boo the show and Volador got a lot of heat from the crowd. In an interview, Volador replied by stating that Niebla was in no condition to wrestle that night and that he had to protect the integrity of the sport and the health of his fellow wrestlers.”

CMLL had faced similar problems in the past with Niebla in a tour with New Japan Pro Wrestling, so CMLL fired him and banned him from Mexico City. This Tuesday show will be in Arena Mexico, which implies that the ban is off. In previous interviews, the tag team specialist claimed that he didn’t know if he was fired or banned from CMLL. It is unknown if the Mexican star fixed his problems with alcohol.