Preview: OTT ScrapperMania 5 (3/16/19)

On Saint Patrick’s weekend Over The Top wrestling heads to the National Stadium again for ScrapperMania the biggest show of the year.  Headlined by WALTER vs Jordan Devlin in one of the hottest rematches in wrestling and supported by the return of Meiko Satomura and British Strong Style as well as the debut of Japanese legend Jyushin Thunder Liger this has all the potential to add to the legacy of memorable ScrapperMania’s.

Match 1: More Than Hype (LJ Cleary, Darren Kearney & Nathan Martin) vs The Rapture (Sha Samuels, Charlie Sterling & Zack Gibson)

OTT Wrestling

More Than Hype has been on a losing streak ever since their huge win over Meiko Satomura and The Rascalz and face a tough challenge here if they want to turn their fortunes around.  In their time in OTT The Rapture proved to be one of the best teams in the company as they ran through the Irish teams for months and even managed to defeat the Kings Of The North, something that a lot of teams have failed to do,  to become OTT Tag Team Champions.  They became only the third team in OTT history to hold the belts and are still as strong today as they ever were having beaten the Angel Cruzers in February.  MTH have pulled out huge wins before and they certainly have the necessary talent to get the big win on this big stage.  But they will have their work cut out for them against The Rapture and they know it.

Match 2: David Starr vs Dan Barry

OTT Wrestling

The beloved Dan Barry returns to OTT to face David Starr.  On St. Patrick’s weekend can Barry drive this snake out of Ireland?  Starr seems to be disrespected by being put against Barry and after losing to Jordan Devlin at Homecoming he has made it clear that he will use Barry to make a statement.  The most hated man in the company faces the biggest face in town.

Match 3: Tag Team World Cup- Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) vs Lads From The Flats (Paddy & Workie) vs Besties In The World (Mat Fitchett & Davey Vega) vs Angelico & Rey Horus

OTT Wrestling

Some international flavor injected into the card as we have the Tag Team world cup.  Aussie Open have become the number one tag team in the British Wrestling scene since the beginning of 2018 with their clashing styles of Davis’ strength working well with Fletcher’s high flying ability.  The Besties In The World debuted in a great match at Homecoming against Scotty Davis and Will Will Ospreay and won the fans over with their tremendous display that showed just why they’re the premier tag team in the US indie scene.  Horus and Angelirco are representing Lucha Underground and are sure to bring some eye popping athleticism to this show.  The Lads From The Flats always go all about for the big shows and you can guarantee this one will be no different.  If this reaches it’s full potential it could be a show stealing spotfest that leaves the crowd very, very happy.

Match 4: Angel Cruzers (Angel Cruz & B. Cool) & The Hurricane vs Justy, Sammy D & Team P.Rick (Peter & Rick)

The Cruzers vs Justy feud took a new turn at Homecoming as Team P.Rick security turned on the Cruzers.  This is another ally that Justy has managed to turn against former team matc B. Cool and marks another screwjob over the Cruzers.  Neither Angel or B are taking this lightly and are ready to put Justy behind them once and for all.  This time with the help of a certain Super Hero.

Match 5: OTT Women’s Championship: Raven Creed (c) vs Debbie Keitel W/ Valkyrie

Raven Creed and Debbie Keitel have waged war all over Ireland and have torn the house down twice in OTT already with them being 1-1 so far in OTT.  A modern-day Katey Harvey vs Session Moth Martina these two never fail to bring the intensity to the next level and have amazing chemistry.  From going to war over the CCW championship in front of hundreds to battling it out for the OTT Women’s Championship in front of 2000 people this could be their best one yet!

Match 6: Loser Leaves Town: British Strong Style (Tyler Bate, Trent Seven & Pete Dunne) vs Kings Of The North (Dunkan Disorderly, Damian Corvin & Bonesaw)

These two factions have gone to war in OTT before as BSS debuted in OTT defeating the KOTN all the way back at The Road To ScrapperMania 3.  They evened the score at WrestleRama in Belfast as the Kings got their win back on home turf.  Now they do it one last time to prove who is the best trio in the history of OTT.  The KOTN have been a dominant force in OTT ever since their arrival and have dominated the Tag Team Division since day 1.  In BSS you have one of the UK’s most dominant trios and the most dominant champion in OTT history Pete Dunne.  Dunne is an adopted son of Ireland having made his name in OTT before taking over the UK scene and eventually NXT UK.  As two great factions go to war one last time the adopted Irish British Strong Style take on the despised Kings Of The North as a marquee feud in OTT history gets put to bed.

Match 7: Jushin Thunder Liger vs Scotty Davis

OTT Wrestling

The heir to the throne of Irish Wrestling Scotty Davis takes on a Japanese Wrestling legend Jyushin Thunder Liger.  He comes in as a replacement for Will Ospreay who was originally scheduled to face the promising youngster.  With news that Liger will be retiring at the Tokyo Dome in 2020 this match gained another layer as it has opened up the possibility for Davis to defeat the retiring legend.  Liger is a man that needs no introduction, the legendary Junior Heavyweight has long been considered one of the Greatest Of All Time and despite his age has barely lost a step, as evidenced by his recent great match with Taiji Ishimori, he makes his first and probably last appearance in Ireland on the biggest show of the year.  His opponent is the young Scotty Davis, at only 18 he has become one of the best wrestlers this country has ever produced and is a certainty to one day hold a world championship for whatever Major company he chooses.  The “Supreme Suplex Machine” started his career as a high flier in the vein of Liger, but soon decided to focus on his Freestyle Wrestling background, as he is a 7-time Irish Champion and 3-Time British champion, and started to focus more on a shoot style of wrestling.  Ever since adopting this new style he has become one of the most dangerous young wrestlers in the world, with his array of suplexes and kicks just as deadly as they are impressive.

The Prodigy vs The Legend, Ireland vs The World, March 16th Scotty Davis arrives!

Match 8: Meiko Satomura vs Session Moth Martina

OTT Wrestling

Martina has come a long way since her debut, the comedy character quickly became the most popular woman in OTT and she’s faced so much criticism for being nothing more than a “joke”.  On March 16th she sets out to prove that she is more than a joke, she is out to prove that she is a real wrestler, she is setting out to prove what Stardom Fans already know, Session Moth Martina is the real deal.  To prove her point she has to face the legendary Meiko Satomura.  Satomura is one of the best to ever step into a ring, despite her diminutive size she has an aura of intimidation and some of the most lethal strikes you will ever see.  On March 16th Session Moth Martina sets out to prove she is the real deal but she must defeat the first ever female KO-D Champion, former World Of Stardom champion, former Sendai Girls champion, former AAAW champion and current Fight Club: Pro world champion Meiko Satomura!

Match 9: OTT World Championship: WALTER (c) vs Jordan Devlin

OTT Wrestling

The rematch to the match that sent the internet on fire.  WALTER vs Devlin 1 made OTT the name on the world’s lips as the two weaved a masterpiece of a story in front of a raucous crowd.  Since that match, WALTER has continued to dominate and disrespect the OTT Championship.  Devlin, on the other hand, has gotten very serious, the man that came out to “We Belong” with his best friend is long gone as Devlin has become focused on one goal.  And that is getting better and better until he defeats WALTER.  Devlin has lost his best friend to chase WALTER and he’s made it known that he wants his title back! The Behemoth WALTER has got cocky and believes that he is above this company, Devlin is intent on proving him wrong and taking back his title.

Irish Hero vs Invading Monster, Saint Patrick’s weekend, Ireland vs The World, this will be special!