Preview: DEFY Wrestling – Dragon Spirit (3/8/19)

On Friday, March 8th, DEFY Wrestling presents Dragon Spirit. The name alludes to the discipline and style embraced by the competitors on this evening, but it also references the fact that a legend of the business is coming to Seattle. Ultimo Dragon will be facing another seasoned veteran in Matt Cross, and beyond that, the event promises to feature an exciting and intense series of matches that will capture the attention of the crowd. Who will walk out of Dragon Spirit as the winners and losers? Will there be a new champion crowned on this night? Here is our rundown of DEFY Wrestling’s Dragon Spirit

Randy Myers, Sonico & Cody Chunn vs The Pride (Carl Randers & Guillermo Rosas) & Big Jack

Photo: DEFY

Amongst the competitors in this match, animosity runs deep and has been on display all over the Pacific Northwest, particularly between ‘Classic’ Cody Chunn and The Pride. It will be an interesting dynamic as longtime Pride member King Khash is on his way to Japan, and so the remaining duo has aligned themselves with Big Jack. Jack, much like Khash, is another standout performer from the Pacific Northwest who studied under the learning tree of Buddy Wayne. Whenever former students of the late Wayne battle against one another, it could be compared to squabbling children seeking the attention of their parents. The Pride and Big Jack will be on one side, with their rival Chunn on the opposite side. His allies Myers and Sonico will just add to the intensity that could be brewing there.

DEFY Tag Team Championships: 1 Percent (Royce Isaacs & Jorel Nelson) (c) vs Uprising (Eli Surge & Judas Icarus)

Photo: DEFY

New DEFY Tag team champions 1 Percent put their titles on the line against Canadians Eli Surge and Judas Icarus, known affectionately as the Uprising. That moniker isn’t used lightly, this duo is intent on creating an uprising. Jorel Nelson and Royce Isaacs, the team called 1 percent, are two men that were standing exactly in the same place Icarus and Surge are just last months. The relatively unknown duo had been busy earning a name for themselves until DEFY came calling and created an opportunity for them. The biggest fear for any champion is that lack of familiarity that comes with facing a team they haven’t met before. Will the 1 Percent retain their DEFY Tag team championships, or will there be an Uprising on this night?

Jaxon Stone vs Schaff

Photo: DEFY

An interesting match up to say the least, as wXw Germany’s Jaxon Stone takes on ‘The Baddest Mother**ker in Professional Wrestling,’ Schaff. One thing for certain is that Schaff will be the favorite of the DEFyance faithful. He has faced the biggest and best that have come through the Seattle based promotion, and this is another example. Stone is also currently competing for IPW: UK and has faced the likes of PAC there. He will pit his brawling style against Schaff, who has only been doing this for the past two years. Often those that travel into a promotion try to upset the apple cart and hope that the local hero will fail to rise to the occasion. Will this be the case for Stone? It won’t be if Schaff has anything to say about it.

Tajiri vs Super Crazy

Photo: DEFY

The first thought is that we’ve time traveled back to the 1990s, and ECW is ruling the wrestling roost. Clearly, there is an incredible nostalgic feel to seeing these two men battle, after they gave so much to that fondly remembered promotion, as much as anyone who ever performed there. They have traveled the world and competed against all comers. That has contributed to both men being so well regarded in this sport for as long as they have. Most fans will have last seen Tajiri during WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic after he had been absent from the company for a long time. The ‘Japanese Buzzsaw’ was slated to rejoin the company after that tournament, but plans change. Super Crazy has competed in 35 countries around the world. This matchup is another chapter in the storied rivalry between the two ECW legends.

Shane Strickland vs Darby Allin

Photo: DEFY

If there was ever a match where the two men involved know each other like the back of their hand, that is the case for this meeting between Shane Strickland and Darby Allin. These two are fan favorites in the Pacific Northwest, and in particular in DEFY wrestling. Strickland is now a few months removed from being the DEFY champion, and even as he is facing Allin he has to be thinking of a rematch for the title, and how this match will help him towards that destination. Conversely, Allin may be the one on a trajectory to face (at the time of this writing) Artemis Spencer for the DEFY Wrestling championship. Whether or not Strickland has the championship in his sights, he has a big challenge in front of him. Will this match be Strickland’s redemption and put him in line for the DEFY Championship, or will the ‘maniac superstar’ sacrifice it all and be the next challenger for the title?

Ultimo Dragon vs Matt Cross

Photo: DEFY

Cross tweeted about the number of times he has faced Dragon in the lead up to this match. With fighting styles that complement each other, putting these notable talents in the ring together means fans can be assured they will create magic. The seasoned Dragon will continue to use his hard-hitting strikes to get the better of Cross. As noted these two are familiar with one another, but this will be the first time the two have faced one another in DEFY. Cross has made a strong impression wherever he has competed, and the DEFY faithful will be no different when they watch this match. Age will not be a factor as Dragon will bring with him the same spirit that has made him a champion.

DEFY Wrestling Championship: Artemis Spencer (c) vs Ethan HD

Photo: DEFY

Current DEFY Wrestling champion Artemis Spencer is putting his title on the line against a man that is more known as a tag team specialist. Ethan HD will wrestle solo on this night, instead of teaming with his American Gunz partner Mike Santiago and challenge Spencer for the championship. It isn’t something fans could have expected, but sometimes the best matches are those that have not been anticipated. Spencer has been on a roll since capturing the championship this past December. He is a long time veteran that takes on all challengers, and in this match-up, he should not take HD lightly. He is still in the ring with a professional, and taking anything for granted can cost a champion. Will that happen here, or will Spencer once again assert himself as the champion?

Photo: DEFY

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