Australian Suicide, First Death Match and “Underground Legend” Announced for Spring Break 3

It’s been a busy week for the Game Changer Wrestling family, as they gear up for the huge Collective series of showcases over WrestleMania week (not to mention keeping their regular shows going as well). They’ve had a series of entrants revealed for Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport the past few weeks, but this week saw a flurry of names announced for the crown jewel of their week, Joey Janela’s Spring Break 3 (which is now a two-night affair). They’ve previously announced 90s WWF character Mantaur and former WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Essa Rios (who still competes in AAA as Mr. Aguila) for night two’s Greatest Clusterf**k Battle Royal, while hardcore legend Necro Butcher, indie legend Slim J and WWE Hall of Famers The Rock N’ Roll Express are slated to appear in regular matches over the course of the Spring Break event.

“Unbreakable” Andy is Headed to Spring Break

Photo: GCW

While not a household name, even to indie wrestler fans, “Unbreakable” Andy is one of the wrestler’s wrestlers, an indie veteran who Joey Janela described in his announcement tweet as “an underground legend talked about in many locker rooms across the world”. Andy originally wrestled for the likes of Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) and Hybrid Wrestling before he took a sabbatical from pro wrestling for a few years from around 2011 to 2013. He now works primarily for his home state Pennsylvania’s TRUE Wrestling, but also works New Jersey’s On Point Wrestling and has recently begun working for GCW with more frequency.

Australian Suicide is Heading to Spring Break 3

Photo: GCW

This year’s Spring Break has an underlying theme of pushing some of the unheralded indie veterans who have influenced bigger stars throughout their career, with the likes of Slim J, Necro Butcher and “Unbreakable Andy” (and in a way a well-known but still vastly underappreciated Rock N’ Roll Express) and they continued by announcing the participation of Victoria, Australia’s Australian Suicide. Originally trained by Carlo Cannon in Australia, then further educated by Lance Storm in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and Gran Apache in Mexico, Australian Suicide debuted in his native Australia in 2003 and ten years later was working for the likes of Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW), Riot City Wrestling (RCW) and Pro Wrestling Australia (PWA). He headed to Mexico in 2013 and has been a standout with AAA ever since, recently joining the English commentary for AAA events alongside Vampiro. An appearance at Joey Janela’s Spring Break 3 could be just the launching pad for Australian Suicide to make waves on the US indie scene in 2019.

First Deathmatch Comes to Spring Break

Photo: GCW

While past Spring Breaks have had hardcore matches – such as the first one’s Matt Tremont vs. Eddie Kingston or last year’s Nick Gage vs. Pentagon Jr. or PCO vs WALTER – they’ve yet to have a good ol’ fashioned deathmatch. Well, that changes for the third chapter when the Prince of American Hardcore Jimmy Lloyd puts his body on the line against Japanese hardcore veteran Masashi Takeda. Lloyd has improved a hundredfold in the past year, dropping some weight and embracing his athleticism with his understated power and threshold for pain. Takeda is a 10-year veteran of Big Japan Wrestling (BJW), where he’s a former 2x BJW Tag Team Champion and held the BJW Deathmatch Championship for a whopping 449-days. He’s also a regular with Pro Wrestling FREEDOMS, where he’s a former 2x King of FREEDOMS Champion and has also won gold in DDT Pro, and in Mexico with Desastre Total Ultraviolento (DTU) as a DTU World Extreme Champion. This man has bled – both his opponents and himself – around the world and he returns to redden the US soil for the first time since winning the Nick Gage Invitational 3 tournament last September with GCW.

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