UK Star Kip Sabian Joins AEW

“SuperBad” Kip Sabian was announced as an entrant in the Over The Budget Battle Royal for All Elite Wrestling (AEW)‘s Double Or Nothing.  This was unveiled on Cody‘s Road To Double or Nothing series which last broke the news of Jimmy Havoc joining AEW.

Following the videos release, Beyond Gorilla photographer Robyn Goding (who filmed the Sabian vignette for the episode) revealed that Sabian was joining AEW and another indie promotion that employs Sabian mentioned he had signed with the new company.

Sabian was trained by the Knight family and even earned a cameo in their upcoming feature film Fighting With My Family.  Like most Knight family graduates Sabian worked mostly for World Association Of Wrestling and from 2010 to 2016 never managed to break outside of his home promotion.  He did though have success in WAW as he was a three time WAW World Tag Team champion, a two time Open Light Weight Heavyweight champion and a former WAW U23 champion.

In 2017 Sabian had his breakout year thanks to Lucha Forever, in it’s short time LF introduced many new stars to a bigger audience as newer talent like Sabian got to regularly share a card with the likes of Pete DunneTyler BateTravis BanksCCK and many more.  What helped the young Sabian stand out was the fact that he was the total package.  At the time BritWres was dominated by a core group of wrestlers but Sabian stood out with his look, promo ability, character and the great heat he could draw.  It’s no coincidence that this was the year where he made his way to other high level companies like Southside Wrestling Entertainment and Internationale Pro Wrestling: UK among others.

With his name on people’s lips Sabian set out to take over in 2018 and he had a career year.  He was one of the better parts of the return of World Of Sport and captured the tag team championships alongside Iestyn Rees on national television.  On the independent circuit he became IPW:UK World Champion and debuted for indie giants RevPro, PROGRESS and Over The Top Wrestling.

It’s been a long climb for the 26 year old to reach the level he has but over the last two years he’s made his mark on the UK scene.  AEW is getting someone that has been considered a “must have” prospect for years and someone that is the total package when it comes to professional wrestling.  As WOS proved he loves the camera, oozes charisma and can work a crowd with a mic in his hands.  AEW is about to get SuperBad!

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