Raw Highlight Rundown – The Revival Capture Gold (2/11)

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As WWE continues it’s “Road to WrestleMania”, Raw stormed through Grand Rapids, MI last night as the go-home show for the Elimination Chamber PPV was to take place. And as many who may expect, it was a relatively down show except for the last hour or so. Much of this show was built around “The Man” Becky Lynch deciding to apologize or not to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, it was certainly something. Here were the highlights of the night.

Seth Rollins Will Go To “Hell” To Beat Brock Lesnar

Photo: WWE

Seth Rollins returned to Monday Night RAW beaten and broken, but still standing. Rollins would explain how despite taking six F5’s just two weeks ago, he is still ready to slay the Beast, Brock Lesnar. Paul Heyman would make an appearance here, giving the impression Lesnar was as well until ultimately admitting he was not, per usual. Heyman would say his usual “that’s not a prediction, it’s a spoiler” routine after praising Rollins being one of the best that he has ever seen, saying that it would simply not be enough for the Beast regardless. However, Rollins would speak up and say how Brock Lesnar has held the business that he lives for captive for two years too long. Rollins would go to the depths of hell if it was what he had to do to take down Brock Lesnar, because at WrestleMania, that will be exactly what he does and that’s a spoiler.

Kevin Owens Says He Is “One Month Away”

Photo: WWE

Former Universal Champion, Kevin Owens, was in a recording last night from a bowling alley with his family. In this video, Kevin Owens was here to let us all know that he is officially “one month or so” away from returning to the company. Kevin looked noticeably slimmer, happy and perfectly ready to come back following two knee procedures. What was interesting however was the fact that despite Raw running a vignette weeks ago, Owens stated how “the McMahon’s haven’t let him know yet if he will be returning on RAW or SmackDown LIVE just yet.” And while Kevin was his usual entertaining self, it brings the question of what do they truly have in store for him if he is projected to come back before WrestleMania? Could it be a return to his old home of SmackDown LIVE to possibly challenge the winner of the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber? Or is his home still on Monday nights? We will find out soon enough. What was true in all of this that it was certainly exciting to say “The Kevin Owens Show” take over Raw once again, and there will be plenty of excitement and buzz around his return as we grow closer.

Vince Handpicks Charlotte Flair To Face Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania

Monday Night RAW was based around SmackDown LIVE’s top star, Becky Lynch, after she was invited back to the show by the McMahon Family. They kicked off the show explaining how Becky got checked by her own doctor, and they would announce the results once she came down to the ring. “The Man” came out to a roaring reaction by the Grand Rapids faithful, storming for the ring. It would go to be announced that the suspension would be lifted as Becky Lynch would be ready to face Ronda Rousey for the RAW Women’s Championship. However, she had to apologize for what she did last week to the married couple. This would lead to multiple backstage occurrences where Becky would be thinking what to do, including a talk with her friend and trainer, Finn Balor. This would lead to the main event segment of the night when “The Man” went to the ring to face the McMahon family, ultimately apologizing to secure her match that she earned in the Royal Rumble to face Rousey at WrestleMania. However, she had no problem bashing the McMahon family, stating how they did not want her in that spot, she wasn’t hand chosen by any means, and she will go through anyone to make sure she does not lose that spot. Unexpectedly, Vince McMahon would make his way out, stating that “those McMahons” can accept the apology, but he doesn’t, and he makes the decisions around here. Vince would tell Becky she is suspended 60 days, which would be five days after WrestleMania. And not only that, but he would ultimately replace “The Man” with “The Queen” Charlotte Flair to not only take on Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania but picking Charlotte to be the winner when it is all set and done. Charlotte was there in person, and was born to be in this spot. Right now, Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair for the RAW Women’s Championship is set for the Main Event of WrestleMania, and Becky Lynch is left off TV for the next two months. Will she show up on SmackDown LIVE tonight? We will see.

RAW MVP: The Revival

Photo: WWE

While rumors have continued to swirl on certain wrestlers in the WWE wanting “out” of their contracts, including The Revival, last night, it did not matter. The Revival won a four-corners tag team match last week to win another opportunity at the team of Bobby Roode and Chad Gable for the Raw Tag Team Championships. For weeks now, The Revival have felt that there was a “conspiracy” against them as they continued to lose in terrible ways when they really didn’t deserve to, from having a foot on the rope to a ref simply missing the pin, The Revival were fed up with it. Last night, however, the two teams went to war in a tag team classic. Dash and Dawson seemed on a mission last night, not only to prove that they should be tag team champions, not only to prove that tag team wrestling is alive and well, but to prove that they were the best tag team in the business. They would continue to go back in forth, including multiple occasions where it looked like Chad Gable would steal a victory for his team. But, to no avail, The Revival would finally hit the Shatter Machine on Gable for the victory to win their first Raw Tag Team Championships. The match was pure entertainment and one of the best tag teams in the company has finally got what they’ve earned after paying their dues. Congratulations to The Revival.

While RAW had his low spots, it certainly was a notable one as it saw a big change in plans with The Revival capturing the tag team titles and Charlotte taking over as the main event of WrestleMania. Be sure to follow up tomorrow with the SmackDown LIVE Highlight Rundown as Mustafa Ali will more than likely be replaced in the Elimination Chamber as well as the gauntlet match to determine who comes into the Chamber last, and the follow up to Charlotte Flair being handed the main event of WrestleMania.