#AndNEW: New Hardcore Champion Crowned At Defiant Unstoppable

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Tonight’s Defiant Wrestling iPPV Unstoppable saw one of four championships on the line change hands, but it didn’t happen in an actual match. Due to Jimmy Havoc‘s hospitalization over the weekend, general manager Prince Ameen awarded the Defiant Hardcore Championship to the leader of The Anti-Fun Police, No Fun Dunne. Dunne has since demanded the title be referred to as the No Fun Championship.

It wouldn’t be a simple handing over of the title, however, as Ameen then ordered Dunne to defend the gold against one of his comrades in The AFP. Despite the crowd cheering for Los Federales Santos Jr., it would instead be Deputy Drake who stepped forward to face the chief. At first, it looked as if the former Gimmick Killer was going to simply lay down for the Dunne who stops the fun, but he did end up giving him a fight. This would come back to bite him however as we all know that when you mess with the chief, you mess with his squad. Santos pushed Drake off the ropes and through a table at ringside, the move that resulted in No Fun Dunne retained the Hardcore Championship. Sorry, the No Fun Championship.

This adds to Dunne’s growing collection of championship gold. At the time of writing, he is the reigning ATTACK! Pro Wrestling Champion, Wrestle Midlands Champion, Kamikaze Pro Tag Team Champion (with Millie McKenzie), and IPW: UK Tag Team Champion with Santos. The latter half of Dunne’s 2018 was incredible, with an intense story going down in ATTACK! opposite Nothing to Prove as well as a handful of appearances on NXT UK under the alias of Damien Weir. He’s one of the best unsigned talents in the UK at the moment, without a shadow of a doubt.

In other notable happenings from Unstoppable, Martin Kirby retained the Internet Championship against Benji (El Phantasmo was injured and so couldn’t challenge Project Ego), The Aussie Open hung on to the Tag Team Championships after an epic contest against CCBlaaah, Gabriel Kidd and Rory Coyle saw off The Primate and Joe Hendry,¬†and Rampage pinned David Starr in the main event to continue his reign as the Defiant World Champion.

Unstoppable will be available to view on Access Defiant in the coming days.