Preview: DEFY John Morrison’s Slamtown (2/9/19)

On Saturday February 9, DEFY Wrestling presents John Morrison’s Slamtown. The promotion is holding what appears to be a smaller event, as not many matches are listed, perhaps because of their upcoming involvement in Wrestle Summit next month. However, though the card lacks in match announcements, it is not lacking in the quality of matches. Fans will have the opportunity to watch grudge matches, championships defended, and star power. Whether is is the DEFY Wrestling champion or the baddest men in professional wrestling today, this card seems to have something for nearly everyone. Despite the lack of announcements a number of exciting things are sure to take place on the card. Here is our preview for DEFY Wrestling’s Slamtown.

Big Jack vs. Leon Negro

Photo: DEFY

Big Jack Cunningham is no strangers to the Pacific Northwest scene. A regular with Oregon’s Don’t Own Anyone (DOA) Wrestling and a 2x Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling (ECCW) Tag Team Champion, he made the move to DEFY last year and is looking to make a name for himself in a new promotion. He faces a high flying luchador named Leon Negro (Black Lion), who has been sweeping the Pacific Northwest (although not to be confused with the CMLL veteran Psicosis II, who previously used the handle).

Cody Chhun & Della Rouge vs. The Pride (Carl Randers & Guillermo Rosas)

Photo: DEFY

Carl Randers and Cody Chuun used to be partners, but back in December, Randers turned on Chuun and a grudge was set. Since then, Randers has joined forces with Guillermo Rosas and King Khash as The Pride, and they’re looking to take over DEFY Wrestling. This time, Randers teams up with Rosas in tag team action, with Chhun teaming up with Della Rouge, an emerging star on the indie scene who made her debut in early 2018. A student of Buddy Wayne, Rouge will hope to help Chhun settle the score against Randers and the rest of the Pride.

The Randy Myers Valentine’s Invitational

Photo: DEFY

“Ravenous” Randy Myers is a Canadian indie star who has emerged from ECCW as one of the new cult heroes of the Pacific Northwest. Myers is going into Slamtown blind and in the spirit of the upcoming Valentine’s Day is issuing an open challenge to the DEFY locker room on Saturday night.

The Cook Bros (Brian & Kevin Cook) vs. Amerikan Gunz (Ethan HD & Mike Santiago)

Photo: DEFY

The Amerikan Gunz are legends in Pacific Northwest tag team wrestling, as 4x West Coast Wrestling Connection (WCWC) Tag Team Champions out of Oregon, as well as former DEFY Tag Team Champions, who just recently lost their belts to the One Percent. The Gunz will be looking to get back into title contention with a win over rising young stars The Cook Bros, who are looking to make their own name in the PNW indie scene.

Schaff vs. Hammerstone

Photo: DEFY

One of the most anticipated matches in recent memory involves these two monstrous men. For a number of weeks and months, Schaff and Hammerstone have engaged in a back and forth with one another on social media, sharing their overall dislike and lack of respect for each other. Fans will take note that this brings together two of the biggest emerging forces on the Pacific Northwest scene. Hammerstone has been making a name for himself in PCW ULTRA and Future Stars of Wrestling while Schaff has continued to call DEFY Wrestling his home. This match represents Hammerstone, the newest Major League Wrestling (MLW) signee, coming into enemy territory to face the ‘Baddest mother f***er in wrestling today.’ Fans can anticipate seeing these men slug it out for the duration of the match. The question is, will the fan support for Schaff be a help or a hindrance against Hammerstone?

Johnny Defyance vs Darby Allin

Photo: DEFY

IMPACT Wrestling’s Johnny Impact (aka John Morrison) returns once again to DEFY wrestling. This time around, the event titled Slamtown appears to be a John Morrison production, starring the man known affectionately on this card as Johnny Defyance. He certainly brings the notoriety that follows a champion. Defyance faces the skateboarding styles of Darby Allin. Allin has continued to carve a name for himself on the Pacific Northwest, competing not only for DEFY but Without A Cause as well, as well as being a top star on the East Coast with EVOLVE Wrestling. In this match it doesn’t matter what Defyance has achieved in the past, the fan favorite Allin will deliver an offense that reflects his style. Even though Defyance is bringing with him all the pomp and circumstance doesn’t mean it will get in the head of Allin….or will it?

DEFY Championship: Artemis Spencer vs. MJF

Photo: DEFY

DEFY Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling face each other in the first matchup since the Young Bucks’ surprise appearance in Seattle last month. This time around the current DEFY Wrestling champion Artemis Spencer defends his title against Maxwell Jacob Friedman, otherwise known as MJF. It really is a case of the developing success of DEFY meeting the upstart, well-financed AEW. MJF is no stranger to DEFY, having competed there on several occasions. This time around he is facing someone with not only a sense of purpose but someone that is committed to representing DEFY Wrestling like no one else in the promotion. It would be quite the achievement for MJF if he were to walk away with the DEFY championship and bring it with him to AEW. Will Spencer show everyone why he is the best that DEFY has to offer? Check the show out this Friday and see.

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