#AndNEW: Halal Beefcake Win Smash Tag Team Titles

Last night on the Smash Wrestling and IMPACT Wrestling live event on Twitch, Brace for IMPACT, the tandem Halal Beefcake (Joe Coleman & Idris Abraham) defeated The Pillars (Tyson Dux & Brent Banks) to become the new Smash Wrestling Tag Team Champions.

It came during a hellacious tables match that saw the tables be less than co-operative on multiple occasions, but Halal Beefcake eventually got both Dux and Banks through tables to claim the tag team gold.

The duo¬†of Coleman and Abraham originally started working together in the Michigan indies, starting with Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling (XICW) in Detroit, but they soon for regular work as one of the top tag teams in both Toronto’s Smash Wrestling and Windsor, Ontario’s Border City Wrestling. Individually, Joe Coleman has been a Detroit indie star since 2011, and has worked multiple events for IMPACT Wrestling and EVOLVE Wrestling, while Abraham was a part of the IMPACT X-Division in 2017 after being a Southern Ontario indie star from 2011. He appeared on WWE television in 2018 during the Global Battle Royal, where he appeared as The Sultan of Shwarma.