Preview: EPW Hot Summers Night (2/2/19)

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Western Australia isn’t going to be left out of the conversation on what is proving to be a huge evening for Australian wrestling as three shows take place across the country simultaneously. One such event is Explosive Pro Wrestling (EPW)‘s Hot Summers Night on Saturday night.

‘The Light Chaser’ Tyler Jacobs vs. ‘The Australian Sensation’ Craven

Photo: EPW

Throughout much of last year Tyler Jacobs scoured the country searching for subscribers to his ‘Book of Light’, individuals he has since dubbed his ‘Children’ and used as tools to attempt to steal victories. This weekend Jacobs will take on ‘The Australian Sensation’ Craven, a man who debuted in last years EPW Invitational Tournament but fell agonizingly short of victory. Both men are looking to jump-start their 2019 campaigns with victories in this contest.

The Headhunters (Dan Steel & Twitch) vs. Dan Moore & Johnny Wimbledon

Photo: EPW

The next contest is a tag team war which has been building since 2018’s Hot Summers Night event. After a brutal attack at the hands of The Headhunters (Dan Steel & Twitch) which forced Dan Moore to take some time away from EPW to recuperate, he finally returned at ReAwakening 17, but was unable to get his revenge on Dan Steele as the match ended in double count-out following constant interference from Twitch. This weekend with his ex-pat buddy Johnny Wimbledon by his side Moore will now be gunning for The Headhunters on an even battlefield this time around.

Logan Grey vs. Kiel Steria

Photo: EPW

Two men who have been focusing on tag team pursuits recently will square off in a singles contest this weekend. Both men will be looking to gain the mental advantage before their respective teams, The Street Gang Hooligans (Logan Grey & Alex Kingston) and Kiel Steria with his partner David Nero, battle it out for the EPW Tag Team Championships further down the line in 2019.

‘The Big Rig’ Scotty Ryan & Julian Ward vs. The Untouchables (Damian Slater & Marcus Pitt) with Amber

Photo: EPW

Damian Slater and Marcus Pitt will be looking to once again have their names at the forefront of EPW management’s mind when it comes to tag team championship contenders with a decisive victory here. Standing across the ring from The Untouchables will be two singles competitors who are joining forces for the first time. Scotty Ryan and Julian Ward earned each other’s respect after incredibly competitive battles recently and will be looking to quickly establish themselves within the tag team division with a victory over one of the country’s best teams.

EPW Invitational Tournament Final: ‘The Child Star’ Taylor King vs. ‘Gorgeous’ Garry Schmidt

Photo: EPW

The longest running tournament in Australian wrestling will come to a conclusion this weekend as the ‘The Child Star’ Taylor King battles ‘Gorgeous’ Garry Schmidt. The EPW Invitational Tournament has been won by a veritable who’s who of Australian wrestling, with formers winners including Jimmy Payne, Davis Storm, Marcius Pitt, Shane Haste and Richter among a very elite list. Whilst this match is primarily about the glory of being crowned the 2018 EPW Invitational Tournament winner, there is also a personal rivalry between these two men. King has been a constant annoyance for Schmidt since Schmidt returned to EPW at ReAwakening ’17, so expect him to come out guns blazing as he looks to pick up the tournament victory and also settle the score with King.

Claremont Street Fight: ‘The Don’ Michael Morleone vs. ‘Free Spirit’ Zenith

Photo: EPW

After being betrayed by his former friend and ally Zenith the 2018 EPW Wrestler of The Year ‘The Don’ Michael Morleone is out for vengeance in a no limits, anything goes Claremont Street Fight. Since attacking his former leader Zenith has taken to playing mind games with Morleone, whilst also showing a new mean streak. Will Zenith’s mind games reap the rewards with a huge victory over the 2018 EPW Wrestler of the Year? Or will the Claremont Street Fight prove the perfect battleground for “The Don” to exact his revenge?

EPW Championship Match: ‘The Real Wrestler’ Gavin McGavin (c) vs. ‘Rapscallion’ Mick Moretti

Photo: EPW

When EPW Champion Gavin McGavin laid down an open challenge he perhaps wasn’t expecting the unpredictable ‘Rapscallion’ Mick Moretti to answer the call. McGavin will return to EPW after a national tour of successful EPW Championship defenses but will potentially be returning to home soil only to encounter his toughest challenger to date. The wildly unpredictable Rapscallion is certainly one of the country’s greats and loves to employ all of the dirty tricks in the book to gain a victory. Will Moretti conquer ‘The Real Wrestler’ and leave WA with the EPW Championship?