Preview: Wrestle Gate Pro ‘Open Gate’ (1/26/19)

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Nottingham gets a new promotion as Wrestle Gate Pro runs their first show.  They have been hurt by the WWE contract situation, as NXT UK’s Jordan Devlin and Xia Brookside were pulled from the show, but we still have a great card on tap. Wrestle Gate Pro recently launched their own on-demand service where you will be able to catch up on events (they have a free intro documentary up now to see).

Match 1: Sean Kustom vs NIWA

Photo: Wrestle Gate Pro

Two talented guys that are still looking to make their name in the UK.  Sean Kustom is another import from Oceania that has provided the UK scene with some of it’s biggest names and best talents and while he isn’t as recognizable he’s just as talented as any other Oceanic import. NIWA is also an import who followers of the UK scene are very high on.  The 26-year-old often wrestles for Mexican giants CMLL and has been making his way around the UK since 2018.  Two talented performers who are trying to make their name will be looking to put on the best show possible and come out with the win.

Match 2: Harrison Bourne vs Joe Lando vs Maverick Mayhew vs Callum Newman 

Photo: Wrestle Gate Pro

There’s only one thing to expect from this.  High octane action.  Four young men who are all looking to make a name for themselves on the undercard of a big indie show will give it everything they’ve got to steal the show!

Match 3: Yuu vs Ayesha Raymond

Photo: Wrestle Gate Pro

One of the two women’s matches on the card and one that could be a show stealer.  Yuu has left Tokyo Joshi Pro to wrestle on the European independent circuit and has taken her powerhouse style to Europe.  Her overall game improved while in TJPW and she left as one of their best wrestlers and has been stealing shows all across Europe for the likes of Westside Xtreme Wrestling (wXw) and Revolution Pro Wrestling (RevPro).  Ayesha is another powerhouse who can match Yuu in that department.  Raymond was a star on World Of Sport and competed in the first Mae Young Classic.  She’s an experienced wrestler who can mesh well with Yuu to deliver a great match.

Match 4: Session Moth Martina vs Shax

Photo: Wrestle Gate Pro

Shax is trained by Saraya Knight and spent her early years working for the Knight’s promotions like World Association of Wrestling (WAW).  In the last year, she has been making her way through the UK scene and has been performing for more and more notable companies around the country.  She has a strong grasp of her character and is ready to break out in 2019.  Her opponent is the charismatic character the Session Moth Martina.  Martina was known for her comedy wrestling for most of her career and her party-loving, beer drinking character fits so well with companies in the UK and ever since her first tour of Stardom she has been improving in the ring.  Now one of the best women’s wrestlers still on the indies in the UK she is here to face a whole new wave of women.

Match 5: MK McKinnan vs Millie McKenzie

Photo: Wrestle Gate Pro

Two of Fight Club: PRO (FCP)‘s most recognizable names.  MK McKinnan, a 2x FCP Champion, has been wrestling for FCP since 2010 and has become a firm fan favorite there.  Millie McKenzie has had a phenomenal career so far for someone so young, a former Defiant Women’s Champion and reigning Sendai Girls Junior Champion.  Her array of suplexes and bravery to fight women and men has gotten her over with UK crowds.  The chemistry should be off the charts from these two.

Match 6: James Mason vs Danny Duggan

Photo: Wrestle Gate Pro

A veteran of the UK indie scene vs a younger wrestler intent on beating him.  Danny Duggan has somewhat fallen from his peak when he was wrestling regularly for IPW:UK and PROGRESS.  He needs a win in this match to get back up the mountain.  James Mason has been wrestling since 1995, which is before his opponent was even born.  He wrestles an older British style and has bundles of experience having wrestled for All-Star Wrestling (ASW) for years.  This one is an exciting addition to the card.

Match 7: Ricky Knight Jr. vs El Phantasmo

Photo: Wrestle Gate Pro

Much like Paige (also from the Knight family), Knight has spent most of his life in the ring.  Knight is now breaking out as a singles guy now after years of teaming with PJ Knight.  RKJ is still very young, but with years of experience and many matches under his belt is ready to take on someone like ELP.  El Phantasmo is an import from Canada who has been wrestling all over the UK with his brand of high flying and the crowd liking his both his music and his personality keeping him in high demand. The reigning 3x ECCW Champion from Vancouver won RevPro‘s British J Cup last year.

Match 8: Chris Ridgeway vs Jake McCluskey

Photo: Wrestle Gate Pro

This was originally meant to be Chris Ridgeway vs Devlin, but due to WWE commitments, we get “Unique” Jake McCluskey stepping in to take on “Hard As F**k” Chris Ridgeway.  McCluskey is a good wrestler who has somehow never made his way into some of the bigger UK companies.  He can do a little bit of everything and is the self-titled “King of the Moonsault”.  While we are missing out on a great match, we get an exciting addition to the card as Ridgeway gets to use his shoot style against a newer opponent.

Match 9: Mil Muertes vs Bad Bones

Photo: Wrestle Gate Pro

This one will be a war between the two hosses.  “Bad Bones” John Klinger is a brawler who made his name for years in Germany’s wXw and whenever he steps outside of Germany impresses with his brawling abilities.  He faces another brawling specialist in Lucha Underground‘s Mil Muertes.  Muertes spent most of Season One being the monster champion of LU, as he threw around smaller luchadores and brawled with the best of the best around the Temple in hectic matches.  This one should have both men intent on beating the hell out of each other as they may fight all over the arena.