AEW Invasion Continues: Young Bucks Crash DEFY Wrestling

CORRECTION: In our original report, we mentioned that the Young Bucks had originally arrived as a mystery entrant in the DEFY 2 Survive 10-team tournament. Thanks to reader Indieana John ( for the correction. The article has been slightly altered to reflect this.

Earlier on Saturday, Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks posted a rather cryptic Tweet.

Young Bucks Crash DEFY Wrestling

It followed another strange tweet on Friday, that featured a GIF of the Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan rom-com, Sleepless in Seattle.

But on Saturday night, it all came into focus, when The Young Bucks crashed DEFY Wrestling‘s DEFY Never Dies event in Seattle, Washington. They arrived unannounced to aid their Being The Elite pal Joey Ryan who had his hands full with The Pride (Carl Randers, Guillermo Rosas, and King Khash) late in the night (after crashing Ryan’s Bar Wrestling earlier this week).


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