LAX to Return to Puerto Rico for WWL Genesis

Five months ago, in a media call, IMPACT Wrestling World Tag Team Champions LAX (Santana & Ortiz) were asked if they were ever coming back to Puerto Rico. This was because, in 2017, they had the best match on the island and tore the house down. The celebrated tag team said that they had high hopes of coming back since their Latin roots and many family members reside on the island. Moreover, Puerto Rico has a wild fanbase, which they experienced back in War in the West. Well, their wishes came true.

World Wrestling League announced that for their 1/19 show in Dorado, LAX would officially return to Puerto Rico. The news sparked excitement among many fans on the island and with LAX having a historic run, there’s almost no doubt that WWL will have a sold-out event.

Back in 2017, LAX went head-to-head against the promising tag team of La 3ra Generación (Third Generation). At that time, LAX came with Diamante but fell short against the trio of Mike Mendoza, Angel Fashion and AAA female wrestler Vanilla Vargas. Now, the Impact Wrestling stars are hunting for Tag Team gold and WWL is the perfect place. Last year was a tremendous year for tag team wrestling in WWL. Many of the top matches in the island involved tag team action. The teams of Westside Mafia (Morgan & Tabu), Los Primos Melendez and The TIDE (Mendoza & Fashion) had classics that cemented the incredible year of WWL.

This year, Westside Mafia is out, Mendoza is injured, and Fashion is going for the main title. Is because of this that LAX fits perfectly to the great tag team division that the company built. WWL hasn’t announced the opponents for LAX yet, but expect to hear about the match soon. Right now, the WWL Tag Team Champions are the amazing duo known as Los Primo Melendez (Melendez Cousins).