MLW Brings More Lucha with Aerostar

Major League Wrestling keeps ramping up their Lucha Libre talent. Today they announced that former AAA World Tag Team Champion, Aerostar, will be wrestling at MLW: Superfight. The AAA wrestler has a big task in front of him when he takes on Rey Horus (Dragon Azteca Jr. in Lucha Underground).

Aerostar is best known for his time in Lucha Underground, as well as AAA Worldwide. While many Mexican wrestlers are known for their highflying ability, Aerostar is a bit more unique, with his insane, breathtaking aerial assaults. The D.F. wrestler has been a human highlight reel for the past three years in every company he has worked. Recently, the former AAA Mixed Tag Team Champion started to follow the footsteps of many of his fellow countrymen.

Chances in the US for Aerostar

First was Puma King, who left the comfort of Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) and went independent in the United States wrestling scene. Then, Bandido and Flamita started to explode, as well as Rush in MLW. The trend seems of Lucha Libre wrestlers exploding in America made Aerostar realize that he could make it big out of his country.
Aerostar was tired of not getting opportunities in AAA. He showed discomfort on social media and his stock in his home company was getting less critical. Moreover, his former partner, Drago, has been getting more opportunities, to the point of shocking fans in Mexico when he beat Hijo del Fantasma for the AAA Latin America Championship.

In 2018, Aerostar’s only big US appearances were with Northeast Wrestling (NEW) and IMPACT Wrestling. In 2019, Aerostar seems to want to try his luck and MLW looks to be the right place. The company has put their trust on guys like Pentagon Jr., Rey Fenix, Rush, and Dragon Lee. Adding the extremely talented Rey Horus and now Aerostar seems to be the key to maintaining an exciting product. Aerostar will surely step it up on MLW: Superfight.