Fallout From Tuesday’s CMLL Arena Mexico Main Event

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A “War Of Dynasties” is how the main event was advertised by CMLL as we saw a dream team of a trios team,in RUSH, Dragon Lee, and Mistico vs. the team of Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero, also known as Dinamita.

CMLL Arena Mexico Main Event

Photo: CMLL

In the two out of three falls match which saw The Ungovernable team who were the fan favorites based on crowd reaction, win the match. During the first fall Mistico submitted to a modified tombstone submission by Cuatrero. The war continued outside of the ring as all three brothers took signifcant damage by their opponents. This led to BOTH Mistico & Dragon Lee nearly getting their masks taken away from them. At one point, RUSH suffered a triple basement drop kick from all three members of Dinamita taking him out of the match during the second fall.

It seemed that Dinamita in this match played Basketball with Mistico at one point as Cuatrero and Sanson gorilla pressed slammed Mistico in easy fashion. Ultimately, it was the three brothers who took the second fall as Dragon Lee and Mistico submitted both Forastero and Cuatrero with a single leg crab by Dragon Lee and the “Tilt-A-Whirl” submission by Mistico.

The third fall saw Mistico and Dragon Lee take down Forastero and Cuatrero with a couple of tope suicidas, which finally led to the RUSH and Sanson going one on one with RUSH getting the upper hand and winning the third fall for the team.

Photo: CMLL

Prior to this match the ongoing battle between Caristico and Ultimo Guerrero continued as they were both involved in a six man tag match with Caristico teaming with Soberano and Volador Jr. and Ultimo Guerrero team with Gran Guerrero and Terrible of Los Ingobernables.

In the first of three falls, the heels took the win as both the Guerrero’s tapped Caristico and Soberano with the “El Pulpo” submission, which translates to “The Octupus” submission hold, nearly ripping off the legs of both opponents. In the second fall of the match the babyfaces took a brutal beating but not before they saw they were triumphant with Caristico once again getting the upper hand on Ultimo Guerrero with his “Tilt-A-Whirl” submission. In the third and final fall Caristico dominated the Guerreros, however the conclusion of the match had both Volador and Soberano decimated by Terrible and Gran Guerrero as Volador was hit with a devastating “Styles Clash” by Terrible and Soberano hit with a variation of the “Juvy Driver” by Gran Guerrero.

After the match it was announced that the CMLL crew would be leaving to Japan for the annual Fantastica Mania which is CMLL’s biggest show outside of Mexico. There will be five upcoming shows spread out over 10 days which will the first show air on Friday January 11th, 2019 in which you can watch on New Japan World. Other shows will air on the 16th, 18th, 20th, and the 21st.