#AndNEW: Martin Kirby Wins Defiant Internet Championship

On this week’s episode of Defiant Loaded, a new Internet Champion was crowned as Martin Kirby became the first man in Defiant Wrestling history to pin WALTER‘s shoulders to the mat to become the seventh Internet Champion in history.

Since Refuse to Lose in November, Kirby has found a new lease of life in Defiant as he’s turned his back on the fans to focus solely on himself. Giving himself the moniker of Project Ego (a callback to his old team with “The Shooting Star” Kris Travis) and being cockier than ever, Kirby has clearly had more success since developing this new persona. A victory came over Benji on an episode of Loaded, followed by him calling out the fans for no longer supporting him in favour of chanting guys like David Starr and WALTER. The Ring General chopped Kirby’s chest clean off after receiving a slap from him, which resulted in general manager Prince Ameen ordering Kirby to face WALTER for the Internet Championship. If he failed to show up for the match, he would be fired from Defiant Wrestling.

The match itself was mostly a one-sided affair in favour of WALTER, although Mr Kirby came along with a plan – he covered himself in bubble wrap to escape the wrath of WALTER’s chops. No matter what WALTER did to keep the gold in his grasp, he was hit with a low blow and the title belt to the head. A three count followed as Martin Kirby was crowned the new Internet Champion to round off 2018.

This win adds the Internet Championship to his ever-growing title cabinet, that also includes the Defiant World Championship and his victories in both the 2017 and 2018 No Regrets Rumble Matches. It was a massive win for Martin Kirby, being the first person to pin WALTER in a Defiant ring, and it will surely do wonders for him going forward.

Loaded can be viewed on Defiant Wrestling’s YouTube channel every Sunday night at 8pm GMT.

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