There Will Be Blood: David Arquette’s First Deathmatch Ends Wildly (GRAPHIC)

Ever since it was announced that Joey Ryan‘s replacement against Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) World Heavyweight Champion Nick Gage would be actor-turned-indie wrestler (and former WCW World Heavyweight Champion) David Arquette, people have been wondering if David Arquette truly realized what (and who) he had signed up for. After all, Nick F’N Gage is an indie legend and pioneer of American hardcore, a 4x Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) World Champion and a man who has shed as much blood as he’s taken. But last night at GCW’s Joey Janela’s LA Confidential, Arquette did indeed lace up against Gage and it got bloody, violent and a whole lot wild.

David Arquette’s First Deathmatch Ends Wildly (GRAPHIC)

It started off stiff and Arquette and Gage played around with each other, but it wasn’t long before Arquette got in the environment and took a light tube in traditional hardcore fashion.

At one point, Joey Ryan arrived to try and help Nick Gage, but then former Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW) star and former 3x CZW World Champion The Messiah made an unexpected appearance and evened the odds before it all settled back down to just the two of them again.

But during one exchange, things went a bit south when a broken light tube shot to Arquette punctured his neck and Arquette reacted the way anyone one – in panic and anger – and tried to take out Gage. He tried to quickly pin Gage to end the match and when Gage kicked out twice, Arquette left the ring, holding his neck to stop the bleeding in search of medical aid. He then returned to the ring to try and finish the match, attacking Gage with a chair. Gage quickly pinned Arquette, who departed quickly to get his neck (and other injuries) looked at.

Following the match, Arquette seemed to be back in good spirits, although it’s highly unlikely we see Arquette in any more death matches like that again.