It’s Official: Joey Ryan Heading For Surgery

We reported on Friday that Joey Ryan announced he was injured with a possible torn pectoral, following blood pooling in his bicep and chest (similar to Triple H‘s injury earlier this month). He followed that up this week with a doctor’s meeting that confirmed it was damaged but now they were waiting on the results from an MRI to see how bad. As a precaution, he withdrew from all his bookings this weekend, including Friday’s scheduled match against Nick Gage for Game Changer Wrestling (GCW)‘s Joey Janela’s LA Confidential. Today the MRI results came in and his original inkling proved to be correct. According to Ryan, he has “an acute tear of the left pectoral major”, amongst other injuries in the area.

Joey Ryan Heading For Surgery

More info will be determined following his meeting with the surgeon next week to see how serious of a surgery is required and what the expected recovery time will be. Joey Ryan will still appear on TV for a bit longer though, as he taped some action for Major League Wrestling (MLW) last Thursday that will air on Friday night on BeIN Sports (or at 6:05pm Saturday on MLW’s YouTube channel).