Stardom Launches “Stardom Idols” Brand

World Wonder Ring Stardom is the premier Joshi promotion in the world, and today they announced the addition of a new brand called Stardom Idols. Stardom Idols is the brainchild of Tam Nakano, who will serve as the brand’s GM.

With a roster of 15 girls, the promotion aims to mix the world of Pro Wrestling and J-Pop idols (a term referred to pop stars in the J-Pop genre).  This means there will still be wrestling, but also singing and dancing.  During Stardom’s November Korakuen hall show, we will get a taste of what the Stardom Idols brand is all about ahead of their debut performance on December 2nd.

Idols making the move to Joshi is nothing new – it was even employed by All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling (AJW) in the 1970s and 198s with the likes of Mach Fumiake and The Crush Gals (Chigusa Nagayo & Lioness Asuka) – so this brand could act as a developmental area for Stardom to train more new stars with different strengths.

With Tam Nakano heavily involved, the brand is in good hands as she is one of the best wrestlers on the Stardom roster but also mixes in the Idol look and has come up with this concept herself.  Worry not, as Nakano WILL still be a part of the main Stardom roster so we won’t be denied more tag matches with Shiki and STARS.

Stardom Idols is an enigma right now, but we will get a taste of what is to come on November 23rd. But it will be December 2nd when we find out what this promotion will  truly present to help it stand out in the niche of Joshi Wrestling.  But all signs point to a mix between the Kawaii world of J-Pop meeting hard-hitting Pro Wrestling.


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