Recap: 205 POST-LIVE (11/7/18)

The pre-taped 205 Live edition for November 7th emanated from Manchester, England. With Survivor Series quickly approaching new rivalries are reaching a boiling point and the Cruiserweight champions’ latest challenge presents itself in the form of Mustafa Ali.

The show kicked off with a tag team match involving the Lucha House Party against TJP and Mike Kanellis. Kanellis’ return to a prominent on-screen role has been accompanied by his wife Maria, who recently returned from her maternity leave. The duo of Kanellis and Perkins appears more about the aligning of similarities in having a common enemy rather than an actual mutual respect for one another. Lince Dorado and Kalisto at times appeared to have the better of their opposition just to have their moves countered. There were a number of really exciting moments throughout the match. Whether it was dual moonsaults by Dorado and Kalisto to the floor or dives to the outside, Lucha House Party certainly brought the flow of action to this contest early on. On several occasions, Perkins and Kanellis were able to thwart Kalisto and Dorado’s attempts to gain the advantage. Just when it appeared as though Lucha House Party would ultimately lose out because Perkins removed the mask of Dorado, the heels were fooled. Lince had a second mask on underneath leaving Perkins baffled. This resulted in a hurricanrana and pin by Dorado on Perkins. When the match was over Maria Kanellis was trying to calm both her husband and Perkins saying ‘I got this’. What did she mean by that as they were leaving the ringside area?

A practice video aired with Cedric Alexander in the performance center with WWE trainer Steve Corino. They were interrupted by Lio Rush, who was saying that Alexander needs to be aided by a 23-year-old piece of gold. After this exchange took place it was announced that Alexander and Rush would go one on one next week on the 11/15/18 edition.

After the break Rush competed against Josh Morrell. The match showcased a much more aggressive side of Rush. With each move and each exchange, Rush goes at Morrell with everything. He ultimately hits him with the final hour for the three count and the win. After the match, Rush went on the microphone and says that he is dedicating this match to a man that is truly inspiring to him and that was Cedric Alexander. He then goes from initially questioning Alexander’s decision to go back to the performance center but then says that Rush works harder. Rush then proceeds to say that Alexander is set to meet ‘his final hour’.

We then had a video package about Mark Andrews and talks about what he is there to do and what opportunities are placed in front of him. Andrews was going to face the current Cruiserweight champion Buddy Murphy after the commercial break.

A promo then aired of Mustafa Ali, talking about how he and Buddy Murphy were on a collision course to face one another at this year’s Survivor Series. It will be Ali’s newest opportunity to challenge for the championship. Ali has truly captured the attention of the WWE fanbase with his hard work, dedication, and perseverance. It will definitely be a match fans need to be watching.

Murphy and Andrews were up next to face off against one another. Early in the match the two men really exchanged a few moves trying to get a feel of the other. On commentary, Nigel McGuinness was quick to add that strength always beats speed which is debatable. The difference in this instance is that Murphy combines both strength and speed. Andrews would continue to take risks throughout the match. Whether they were top rope suicides or somersault planchas, he was putting caution to the wind throughout the match. When the tide turned, however, Murphy was there to work on and wear down Andrews. He would stalk him like Andrews was a wounded animal. The story being told was of Murphy showcasing that he truly is a juggernaut by moving methodically against the smaller Andrews. Andrews fight in this match was really evident.

When it appeared just as though Andrews was all but done, Andrews hit a reverse hurricanrana with the momentum throwing Murphy from the ring. The battle between the two men continued to ensue outside the ring with Mark Andrews hitting a somersault plancha off the steps seemingly gaining the advantage. As the match was approaching its apex, Murphy was able to counter Andrews attempts only to have the English born cruiserweight show true resolve. As Murphy picked up what appeared to be dead weight Andrews caught him with a stun gun millionaire. Fans were getting a sense that Andrews would have pulled it out only for Murphy to ultimately hit Murphy’s law bring the match to a close. It was an outstanding match between both men putting Andrews resolve and perseverance at the forefront and Murphy’s ability to counter and prove why he is the Cruiserweight champion.

With next week’s episode only a few days prior to Survivor Series it will be interesting to see if any other matches develop. Where will the Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa against Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher feud ultimately go?