WWE Acquires WWC Library: What’s On Those Tapes?

Today, Mike Johnson from PWInsider reported that WWE finally acquired World Wrestling Council‘s video library. The library was owned by Puerto Rican legend and WWE Hall of Famer Carlos Colon and Croatian wrestler Victor Jovica. The WWC library was one of the oldest wrestling video libraries that WWE had yet acquired.

Photo: WWC

The library dates back to 1983 when WWC was known as Capitol Sports Promotion. Even though CSP had already exploded in the Caribbean in the late 1970s, the company’s famous Superestrellas de la Lucha Libre show was aired in 1983 on WAPA – their current television station. The tapes start just as CSP was starting the saga of creating the Universal Championship.

Photo: WWE

For a long time, WWE was trying to buy such tapes. It was reported that the asking price of Victor Jovica – on half of the ownership – was too high. Moreover, the WWE Hall of Fame for Carlos Colon was, in fact, a play by WWE to soften their approach on buying the WWC tapes. In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, the WWC offices were severely damaged, and even some tapes were close to being damaged. It seems that the hurricane was a wake-up call to WWC.

The 1980s tapes

The library starts with big territory names, like Carlos Colon, Ric Flair, Stan Hansen, Harley Race, The Funks, among others. It will feature the famous Universal championship tournament in which Carlos Colon and Ric Flair put the WWC World Heavyweight Championship and the NWA World Heavyweight Championship on the line to become the WWC Universal Champion. In this era, famous tag teams like the Funks, The Texas Hangman the Starr Cousins, The Invaders, and other can been seen. Moreover, the bloodbaths in which Abdullah the Buther, Bruiser Brody, Mr. Pogo and Hercules Ayala take part of are amazing. Sadly, these tapes feature Bruiser Brody’s killer and Brody himself, before the horrific murder occurs.

The 1990s Tapes 

The 1990s tapes feature a transition era for CSP. It is in this era that CSP officially changes to WWC. Here you’ll see the rise of TNT, who would later become Savio Vega in WWE. Moreover, new faces like Ray Gonzalez, El Bronco #1 and Eddie Gilbert become the main acts. The curious gifts of this tapes are the unknown faces that would later become stars. Guys like Kane, Undertaker, Scott Hall, Greg Valentine and even Christopher Daniels have their spot in WWC.

The 2000s tapes

Ever wonder how Carlito, Primo, and Epico Colon got their start in the business? Well, these are the tapes. The 2000s tapes have the first rise to fame of the Colon second generation. Moreover, it features the ruthless war between WWC and then red-hot International Wrestling Association. In this tapes, younger stars like El Diamante, Shane the Glamour Boy, Lance Hoyt, Black Pain, and the Colons take center stage. The famous angles to look in this tapes are the Eddie vs. Carlito feud, the Ray Gonzalez vs. Carlito feud when Konnan hit Stacey Colon (daughter of Carlos Colon) with a guitar and the IWA invasion.

The 2010s tapes

These are short of good memories, but they still hold great value. This era witnessed the feud between Carlito and El Mesias (Mil Muertes), which were considered the best wrestlers at that time in the island. Moreover, the return of TNT, Shelton Benjamin being the main champion, the rise of Mecha Wolf 450 and new guys like Mike Mendoza, BJ and Angel Fashion.