Jose Gonzalez Announced for CWA Christmas Showdown

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Shocking news this week for Championship Wrestling Association (CWA) when Invader I (Jose Gonzalez) was announced for CWA’s biggest show in history.  CWA is putting on their biggest show in history, but nobody expected their biggest announcement yet.

A few weeks ago we reported about the immense love and praise that Invader I – the murderer of wrestling legend Bruiser Brody – still gets on the island. The man that committed one of the most horrific crimes in wrestling is getting to shine in CWA’s main show this year.

The Same Mistakes 

A video was released with CWA owner, Robert, talking to a stranger at a restaurant. That stranger turned out to be Jose Gonzalez in his Invader I mask. Sadly, the news got a positive reaction. The last time that Jose was in wrestling, it was going to be with a Floridian wrestling promotion that turned out to be a hoax. Moreover, his last real match was in the company that Bruiser Brody was killed, World Wrestling Council.

The announcement showed the problematic state of Puerto Rican wrestling today. Here, you have a rising wrestling promotion, finally getting their highest profile event in history, but still with the same mentality that wrestling fans and promoters in the island hold. In every corner of the world, the Jose Gonzalez name brings the most horrible chapter in the island’s wrestling history. Not only did he got away with murder, but he was also reestablished by the company and loved by the fans. Somehow, promoters, fans, and even wrestlers don’t see the deep hole that the scene is in and they continue to push for a guy that any other territory would already have banned from their wrestling scene.

The move represents a power move by the new CWA investors, looking to gain all the attention from fans in the island for their Puerto Rico Convention Center show. Invader is still a huge draw, arguably the biggest right now from the Puerto Rican legends. Invader is still welcomed by the Puerto Rican media and even the fans, who thinks that “his murder chapter should be closed”. While wrestling in Australia, the UK, and even Spain have done their work on developing new stars that can wrestle in every corner in the world, Puerto Rico is bringing on of the most famous criminals of wrestling and still booking him for high profile shows.