Preview: Pro Wrestling: EVE SHE-1 (November 10, 2018)


Pro Wrestling: EVE presents the second-ever SHE-1 Series, their version of New Japan’s G1 Climax, this coming weekend, where the best of the best from the world of women’s wrestling compete to earn a title shot. They drew the blocks for the Series last week and we were presented with some absolute dream matches.  We are going to run down the competitors in the blocks and point out some matches that you should circle on your calendar.

Photo: EVE

Jamie Hayter

Jamie Hayter, at just 23 years old, has such a bright future in women’s wrestling.  She makes her return to EVE after a two month break to tour with premier Joshi company Stardom and compete in their 5 star Grand Prix (Stardom’s version of the G1 and a staple of puroresu).  Hayter currently holds both the Big League Wrestling and Revolution Pro Wrestling women’s titles and is no stranger to these grueling kind of tournaments.


The newly crowned EVE International Champion and one of the most decorated women’s wrestlers in the world, this year alone has seen Viper hold 7 different titles from companies like Stardom and Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW).  She has also been on national television as part of the World Of Sport women’s division and was in the first ever Mae Young Classic as Piper Niven.  2018 has been a standout year for Viper with all of the titles and accomplishments she has achieved so it would come as no surprise to see her add the SHE-1 to that list.

Madison Eagles

Madison Eagles is a trailblazer of the Australian wrestling scene, which has produced some extremely talented women’s wrestlers over the last decade.  She has competed for top women’s promotion SHIMMER since 2008 and is a two-time champion, one of which is seen as the best in the promotion’s history.  Real life and injuries have taken their toll but Eagles is still one of the best women’s wrestlers in the world and a good performance in this tournament could take her career to the next level.

Millie McKenzie

Millie McKenzie, at only 18 years old, is a prodigy.  When you are trained by Travis Banks and Pete Dunne then you are going to be very good and Millie is an amazing in ring talent.  Whether she is against men or women, she is always ready to unleash her array of suplexes on her opponent.  Despite her youth, she has already captured the Defiant Women’s Championship and has wrestled all over Europe and for the WWE.  A unique performer that has an array of suplexes that would make Kurt Angle jealous and could easily survive this Group Of Death to win the SHE-1.

Photo: EVE

Kasey Owens

Another woman to appear in this year’s World Of Sport reboot.  Kasey Owens took over the mantle of the ICW women’s division once Viper and Kay Lee Ray became less regular performers for the company.  She has gone on to become a 2-time ICW Women’s Champion.  Like a lot of women in this tournament, she has previously toured Stardom with her sister Leah as part of the Goddesses of Stardom Tag League.  Kasey Owens is not a woman to be messed with and has succeeded everywhere she has been.

Kris Wolf

The loveable Wolf brings an unmatched energy to everything she does.  Most fans instantly take a liking to Kris Wolf thanks to her fun-loving nature and obvious positivity and energy.  Made in Stardom, she was a regular for the Joshi company until earlier this year when Visa issues meant she had to leave Japan.  This has seen her tour the world for companies like Bar WrestlingPROGRESS Wrestling, Fight Club: Pro, SHIMMER, RISE, EVE and Over The Top Wrestling.  One of the most popular wrestlers on any roster and a clear threat to win with her Stardom pedigree.

Charli Evans

At just 21 years of age, it is amazing to think of what Evans has done in her career.  Making the big decision to move to the UK from Australia, Evans has gone on to wrestle for almost every major company in the UK.  Her PWWA Championship reign of almost two years shows how good she as it is unbelievably difficult to hold any title for as long as Evans was co-champion.  Clearly willing to work anywhere and everywhere, Evans has shown a determination that few can match and that may be enough to see her win the SHE-1 series.

Rhia O’Reilly

“Fighting Irish” Rhia O’Reilly is one of the most beloved figures in Pro Wrestling: EVE.  Her trailblazing ways and unabashed feminism make her a favorite with the EVE crowds who love to see no-nonsense hard-hitting bad-ass women’s wrestling.  An EVE original and a former two time EVE champion, O’Reilly has competed for SHIMMER and Shine as well as every major company in the UK.  Rhia can never be counted out when it comes to the title picture so this could be her year to win the SHE-1.

Photo: EVE

Toni Storm

For any women’s wrestling fan, Toni Storm should need no introduction.  After her absolute classic match with Meiko Satomura, she made it to the finals of the Mae Young Classic and competed at WWE Evolution, the first ever all women’s PPV in WWE history, where she defeated Stardom Icon Io Shirai to win the Mae Young Classic.  Outside of the WWE, Storm has long been considered one of the best in the world and won titles all over the world including being the first ever PROGRESS Women’s Champion, a former World of Stardom Champion, was the second ever wXw Women’s Champion and captured many smaller titles around the world.  Storm has a chance to win what is one of the “easier” blocks and has to be considered a favorite to win the whole thing.


It’s only fitting that Jinny would be drawn in the same block as her rival Toni Storm.  Since her debut, Jinny has oozed charisma and a hatred for the fans and her fellow wrestlers.  You can see the disdain in her eyes every time she has to perform in front of a crowd.  That’s just how good her character is, and it has lead to her becoming one of the UK’s top heels.  She finally took her throne as PROGRESS Women’s champion when she beat Storm a few months ago and was the first ever RevPro Women’s champion.  As good in the ring as she is at playing her character, Jinny is always a top name and contender to win something like the SHE-1.


Jetta loves herself very much.  That much is instantly clear in the number of nickname’s she assigns herself.  One nickname that is hard to argue with is “British Wrestling Legend” Jetta has been wrestling since 2002 and even made it to SHIMMER over a decade ago as she brought her brand of shit talkery to the US.  With her experience and veteran knowledge you can never rule out Jetta from winning, no matter what it takes.

Command Bolshoi

The last name drawn out of the blocks and a surprise entrant, the Joshi legend Command Bolshoi.  After unfortunately having to pull out of her previous date with EVE, Bolshoi has made it up to them by joining the SHE-1.  Command Bolshoi has been wrestling since 1991 and was trained partially by deathmatch legend Atsushi Onita.  Bolshoi’s career has seen her wrestle for some of the world’s biggest promotions such as CMLL, New Japan, Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling (FMW), All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling, AAA and Japanese Women’s Pro Wrestling Project (JWP).  She has held numerous tag team championships throughout her career as well as singles championships.  It’s safe to say that her longevity and ability to perform at such a high level for so many companies make her a real Joshi legend and come November 10th she sets her eyes on the SHE-1.

Photo: EVE

Recommended Matches

A Block:

Viper vs Madison Eagles

Viper vs Millie McKenzie

B Block:

Kris Wolf vs Rhia O’ Reilly

C Block:

Toni Storm vs Command Bolshoi

Jinny vs Jetta


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