#AndNEW: Willie Mack Wins The Crash Heavyweight Championship

On Saturday night, at The Crash’s 7th Anniversary, Willie Mack won the vacant Crash Heavyweight Championship. The match feature four international stars, Michael Elgin, Barbaro Cavernario, El Mesias and the new champion. This is Mack’s first championship with The Crash and in Mexico (the Trios Championship in Lucha Underground was in California).

The favorite coming to the match was arguably El Mesias. The 4x AAA Mega Champion is always the way to go for anyone who wants a big attraction as champion. But, instead, it was The Crash loyal, Willie Mack, that surprised everybody. Mack is on a roll, winning the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) National Championship at NWA’s 70th Anniversary last month. Moreover, Mack holds the House of Hardcore Television Championship.

The Crash Heavyweight Championship has had a turbulent run. It was first presented and perfected in honor of WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio. Moreover, it was Mysterio himself who was the first champion ever. After the masked luchador held the title for nearly a year, it was vacated with Mysterio returning to the WWE. The Vacant title was finally contested by true heavyweights last night, like Elgin and Mesias.

More Regulars, Fewer Part-Timers

For many, this represents a positive sign that The Crash is staying true to their loyal soldiers. Mack has been loyal to the company since 2014 when he first debuted. He has been involved in various feuds, especially against La Rebelion Amarilla. Mack’s rise to the top was thanks to Konnan, who took a liking to the agile heavyweight when he was running the company. With Mack’s win, the heavyweight title can probably be defended more frequently. One of the drawbacks of The Crash is awarding the championships to guys who can’t spend that much time in their company, such as Rey Mysterio, The Hardy Boyz, The Rascalz and Bandido & Flamita.


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