#AndNEW: Morgan Wins 100% Lucha Championship

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The Puerto Rican independent company, 100% Lucha, has a new champion. Morgan, who is one half of the World Wrestling League Tag Team Champions. Morgan beat Payatronic for the 100% Lucha Championship this week.

CampeónDef. Persona que supera a los demás en un aspecto determinadoMorgan ahora tiene en sus manos la…

Posted by 100% LUCHA on Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Payatronic, who is a former WWL Cruiserweight champion, was the inaugural champion in the rising indie promotion. 100% Lucha brought the Strong Style to the heavily American-style of Puerto Rican wrestling. In their rise through the ranks of Puerto Rican wrestling, 100% Lucha developed amazing talent. Such talents are key for the main promotions in the island, like WWL, World Wrestling Council (WWC) and Championship Wrestling Association (CWA). Guys like Westside Mafia, Electro, Khris Diaz, Justin Dynamite, among others.

For Morgan, this is his first singles title. He’s the brother of 2x WWC Universal Champion Mecha Wolf 450 and part of the hottest tag team in the island, Westside Mafia. 100% Lucha like putting Morgan in singles action, they were the first to have the brother vs. brother match before WWL. Moreover, Morgan has had his best singles matches this year with the indie promotion – except for his match against Mecha Wolf on War in the West.

The Heart and Soul of 100% Lucha


Payatronic was the heart of the small company that holds shows in a small community center in Ponce, Puerto Rico. He was a fan favorite with his highflying and distinct persona, Captain Danger. In 100%, he won the best of three tournaments and became first ever 100% Lucha Champion. Moreover, his fortune carried to WWL were he won the WWL Cruiserweight championship. His run in the island ended when he had to emigrate to the US. Each time he returned to the island, he has lost a singles titles.

Mike Mendoza wrestles the masked El Gentil

The 100% Lucha promotion is up and running. They are developing new stars like Cristo Christopher, Brandon Mullen and “Technical Magician” El Gentil. Each of these wrestlers is likely to become a key component in the upcoming years for the main wrestling companies in the island.