Mike Mendoza Out After Suffering A Fracture

The most promising star in Puerto Rico, Mike Mendoza, will have a brief three month recovery process from a fractured left foot. The young star had surgery last week and now has to start from scratch.

Mendoza injured his left foot in the World Wrestling League show Destino Final. The match included the WWL Heavyweight Champion Mecha Wolf 450 and former WWC Universal Champion BJ. The triple threat sold-out in Dorado, Puerto Rico and that match was solid, but early on, after doing a suicide dive on the outside against the champion. Mendoza was immediately taken to the nearest hospital, were a cast was put on his left foot.

Mike Mendoza (left) with Angel Fashion (right)

Mendoza was on the verge of breaking out and getting his first singles push in WWL. After delivering with Angel Fashion wrestling classics against Westside Mafia and Los Primos Melendez, Mendoza was schedule to take the next stop towards the top of the card. The tag team wars between the three teams – including Fashion & Mendoza – main evented shows and are the two of the best of Puerto Rican wrestling in 2018.

Many in the WWL camp and in Puerto Rico considered Mendoza as the next big thing. Although a title win wasn’t on the books that night, the idea is to make him one of the key players in the company who can deliver great matches and attract fans as Mecha Wolf 450 does. Certainly the latter is already giving them promising results, giving WWL his second sold-out show this year.¬†Mendoza brings legitimacy with his background in Jiu-Jitsu and freestyle wrestling. Moreover, he has wrestling pedigree in his veins, as his grandfather is the famous Salvadorian star El Vikingo.

Mendoza will enter a six week rest-period  and later, a month of recovery therapy. Mendoza should be ready for December or maybe later in January. At the time of this article, he is not schedule to wrestle on MysterioMania, were he was tagging with Angel Fashion against longtime rival Star Roger and retiring veteran Hiram Tua.