Preview: UCW Woolston Warfare (10/13/18)

Ultimate Championship Wrestling based out of, Canterbury, New Zealand, is a promotion on the South Island that’s presenting their next show, Woolston Warfare, this Saturday, which will see four title matches. At the most recent show, UCW Blind Fury, saw the tag title change hands and such a vicious beat down from the UCW Aftershock Heavyweight Champion, that UCW Management has issued that every defense of that belt henceforth will be conducted under No Disqualification rules. What will Woolston Warfare have in store? Let’s rundown the card:

Brook Duncan vs. Taylor Adams

Photo: UCW

Duncan is coming off of a loss at Blind Fury to Rufguts Roddy Gunn, when he challenged for the UCW Heavyweight Championship. Duncan will be looking to bounce back here against Taylor Adams. Adams, who’s from New Zealand but works mostly in Japan with Kaientai Dojo, has also worked for the South Island’s Southern Pro Wrestling, and now brings his Gentlemanly ways to UCW. These two will have a good match, but with Adams not guaranteed to be a regular, expect Duncan to get a win here, and begin to bounce back after his loss at the last show, and straighten his patch back towards the Heavyweight title picture.
‘Prediction: Brook Duncan

Two out of Three Falls Match: Bryant vs. AK Sweet

Photo: UCW

Sweet, who lost to Bryant last month at Blind Fury, has yet to score a victory over him. Bryant’s size and strength are two of the things that make him so dangerous, but AK Sweet can match those characteristics. After several matches, a two out of three falls stipulation has been added to settle this, and to guarantee that a fall by either man is not a fluke. Also, to vindicate Sweet, so that if he pulls out the win, he proved to himself and to the fans that he can make up for his losses to Bryant. Look for AK Sweet to do so, to balance out this feud, and to set up a big blowoff between these two.
Prediction: AK Sweet

UCW Light Heavyweight Championship Match: Marc Morales (c) vs. T. Cole

Photo: UCW

T. Cole lost to Jordie James last month at Blind Fury, in a Number One Contender’s match for the UCW Light Heavyweight Championship. But afterwards he beat down James so badly, that James was unable to compete in this match. So Cole was plugged in to challenge for the belt. I think a big feud over the title between Cole and James is where the angle is heading. Expect Cole to win the title here, probably by dirty tactics, and for James to show up after the match. Look for this angle to heat up quickly.
Prediction: T. Cole

UCW Aftershock Tag Team Title Match: Prestige (Chad Howard & Chad Owens III) (c) vs. The Cult of Abraxas (Druid Stuart & Druid Kevin)

Photo: UCW

Prestige won the titles at Blind Fury from Southern Wrecking Crew, where they did so with heel tactics. With Abraxas having a reign of terror over the UCW Aftershock Heavyweight title, it would seem like it would make sense for the druids to win the belts, but it’s too early for that, but the Druids will be put over strongly here. Look for Prestige to barely escape with their titles, in what will surely be an entertaining match.
Prediction: Prestige

UCW Aftershock Heavyweight Championship Match: Abraxas (c) vs. Sid Omen

Photo: UCW

Abraxas, at Blind Fury, got himself intentionally disqualified to keep his title against T-Rex. Afterwards, he beat him down. UCW management has responded by declaring that every UCW Aftershock Heavyweight title match hereafter will be under no disqualification rules, so that Abraxas can’t get away with that again. With this belt becoming an almost hardcore title because of that, look for things to get nuts here with Omen. Abraxas gimmick is laid on heavy, but it will add to the intensity of the match. These two will put a lot on the line, but the payoff here is with T-Rex, so look for Abraxas to retain, and for T-Rex to return down the line, to blow off their feud.
Prediction: Abraxas

UCW Heavyweight Championship Match: Rufguts Roddy Gunn (c) vs. Big Gun Jesse Harris 

Photo: UCW

Big Gun certainly lives up to his name. His height, strength, and overall size make him a threat to anyone. He defeated Sky from Southern Pro Wrestling’s Detention at Blind Fury, and was awarded this title match. Roddy Gunn, the colorful champion, has held the title since May, and that shows no signs of slowing down. Gunn is no small man either, so look for these two to have plenty of power moves, and strong man spots, and maybe even some fighting spirit. This will be a very good match, but there’s no reason to switch the title yet, so look for Rufguts to retain here, and carry the belt a little while longer.
Prediction: Rufguts Roddy Gunn

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