Match Added to MCW New Horizons

On Friday, October 5th, one day before WWE Super Show Down, Melbourne City Wrestling is running New Horizons, which sees some of Australia’s best on the same card, including Robbie Eagles, Kellyanne, Jonah Rock, and more. Seeing three different title matches, the event will kick off a weekend of wrestling in Melbourne, Victoria, and will probably provide some of the best matches taking place there, even better than a lot of the WWE Super Show Down matches. They’ve added one more match to what is already shaping up to be a fantastic show: Mikey Broderick vs. JXT vs. Marcus Kool.

JXT is a staple of MCW, and won the Ballroom Brawl earlier this year. While failing to capture the MCW Heavyweight Championship from Gino Gambino at MCW 99: Homecoming, JXT is a stellar performer, and will add a lot to this match, particularly his athleticism. Broderick has most notably work with Pro Wrestling Australia in Sydney for their last two shows, but has made his way across the Australian indies. He’s big and strong, and will definitely be the bully of the match, as Kool and JXT are smaller. Expect a lot of power moves from him. Marcus Kool, a British-born New Zealand resident, makes his first appearance in MCW since 2014. He and T-Rex run Southern Pro Wrestling based out of Invercargill on the South Island of New Zealand, and these two companies have been exchanging talent more and more this year, which is a great thing for both New Zealand and Australian wrestling. It will be interesting to see how far this relationship between the two can go. A triple threat match is perfect addition to this card, which will mix things up further, along with the four tag team elimination match, to what is otherwise a straightforward show.