IPW: UK Announces TV Deal

International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom (IPW) have become the newest British company to gain a television deal, as they revealed they’ll be airing weekly episodes on The Fight Network.

This announcement continues a banner year for the promotion. Ever since Billy Wood took over in the summer of 2017, there have been nothing but positive words spoken about IPW. With a roster that mixes the current crop of great UK talent with the rising stars of the future and a few big names from outwith the United Kingdom, you can see why they’re one of the biggest promotions the nation has to offer.

It’s been an uphill battle since Billy’s takeover to get to this moment however, as there were allegations made towards former owner Daniel Edler of him sexual assaulting two women. Despite Edler already being out of IPW by the time these rumours came to light, it still caused a bit of a stir from fans towards IPW. If it weren’t for Billy’s excellent work in rebuilding the brand, the company perhaps would’ve went under by now.

Dates will be announced in the coming weeks as to when these episodes will be taped. Keep your eyes peeled on IPW’s social media channels!