Preview: OTT This Is OTT (Fan Appreciation Night) (9/30/18)

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Over The Top (OTT) Wrestling has pulled off a miracle as they managed to get The Tivoli for one more show.  The home of Irish wrestling will play host to the 4th Year Anniversary go home show as OTT and it’s most loyal fans see their favourites take on some of the best in the world.  Running against PROGRESS in Wembley means we are getting a card full of Irish talent stepping up as well as some of Japan’s best making their debuts.

Match 1: The Wards (Pa Ward & Luther Ward) vs The Social Elite (Paul Tracey & Charlie Sterling)

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A rivalry that helped build OTT gets a final chapter in the Tivoli Theatre.  Luther Ward and Paul Trace were the first two Champions in OTT history as they feuded in the early days.  From that feud we would see Pete Dunne emerge as champion as he and Ward would go to war over the title numerous times.  The Wards and the Social elite are polar opposites.  The Wards are proud Irishmen and fight like stereotypical Irishmen, there are definitely some militia vibes, The Social Elite identify as part of Great Britain and pledge loyalty to the Queen, believing Ireland and it’s people to be beneath them.  A feud built on the history of a nation that brings out a strong reaction from fans.

Match 2: Katey Harvey vs Raven Creed

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A #1 Contenders match for the OTT Gender Neutral championship.  A huge opportunity to take on LJ ClearyPaddy MMr. Juicy and Rocky Romero at OTT’s 4th Anniversary show. The young Creed has proved herself in her previous OTT appearances against Debbie Keitel, Valkyrie and Veda Scott.  The Queen of Irish wrestling takes on one of the weirdest wrestlers in Ireland as the Present faces the Future for a shot at glory.

Match 3: Kings Of The North (Dunkan Disorderly & Bonesaw) vs Team Whitewolf (A-Kid & Carlos Romo)

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The Kings have adopted a much more serious attitude since WrestleRama.  Thanks to the returning Justin Shape they defeated fan favourites the Angel Cruzers after causing the match to descend into chaos.  The new look Kings take on the travelling Spaniards of A-Kid and Romo.  Whitewolf have been touring Europe for months now, shining a light on the talent in Spain and proving themselves as one of the regions best tag teams.  Ireland’s best face Spain’s best as the Kings Of The North take on Team Whitewolf.

Match 4: Scotty Davis vs Michael May vs Curtis Murray

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The former members of Legit 100 compete to become the number one contender for Terry Thatcher‘s NLW Championship.  Tensions are high after Murray blamed both May and Davis for the faction’s downfall.  Murray has had a new attitude since the faction’s demise abandoning his aviator ways to become the Avi-Hater and has made it known that he wants Thatcher.  If Davis were to win, we would get a rematch of the NLW Championship tournament finals where Thatcher pulled out the victory.  Big Win Mike has won gold outside OTT and would love to add the NLW title to his cabinet.  A clash of styles with a technician, a shooter and an Avi-hater as three prospects battle it out for the ultimate opportunity.

Match 5: Lads From the Flats (Paddy, Workie & Session Moth Martina) vs The Gymnasties (Justin Shape, Sammy D & ???)

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Two of the OG trios in OTT history face off for the first time ever in their current form.  Its been over a year since the lads last raved their way into the Tivoli and Justy and Sammy have only made their returns over the last two shows.  Since her time with the Lads, Martina has become a regular worker for promotions all over Europe and even toured Japan but she is still the crazy moth from the flats that the Lads used to know.  The Nasties, minus B Cool, are now heel and among the rosters most hated individuals.  Rumours are flying as to who the secret third member might be, could it be a member of The Rapture? Will it be B. Cool or could it even be Justy’s fellow Collar and Elbow member Alexander Dean?  Regardless of who it is this match is a nostalgia trip for fans who have seen both teams for years and once cheered both as the division’s underdogs.  We also say sayonara to the Session Moth as she heads for Japan soon.

Match 6: The Big Hangovers (Jordan Devlin & Sean Guinness) vs Strong Hearts (CIMA & T-Hawk)

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Two of the marquee students of Irish Wrestling take on a legend in CIMA.  Devlin and Guinness took separate paths to get here as Guinness went to Japan to wrestle for Zero-One and missed the boom period of Irish Wrestling.  Devlin stayed and became the countries Ace and a star of WWE UK.  They take on CIMA a man who has been the talk of Puroresu for a while now thanks to his defection from Dragon Gate to join the much Gifffed Oriental Wrestling Federation and has been touring Japan and China as the leader of Strong Hearts.  Not only do we have CIMA but we have T-Hawk, long seen as the next CIMA in Dragon Gate and a known tag specialist as he is a 6-Time Open The Twin Gate champion and a 5-Time Open The Triangle Gate Champion.  This match featuring two Aces and two aces in waiting who between them have had 70 title reigns is a dream matchup by any standard.

Match 7: More Than Hype (LJ Cleary, Nathan Martin & Darren Kearney) vs The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) & Meiko Satomura

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The More Than Hype boys get to face three of the world’s best in their biggest match to date.  The Rascalz return to OTT almost a year after debuting at Contenders 3 where they put on a classic tag match against Curtis Murray and Nathan Martin,  since then Wentz and Xavier have gone on to do big things in America and Japan as they are a part of the Strong hearts stable in China and Japan, Wentz has appeared on Impact, Xavier debuted on Lucha Underground and has competed in the Impact X Divsion and they are the PWG Tag Team Champions.  What a year it has been since we last saw The Rascalz in OTT.  Their partner in this match is the legendary Mae Young Classic competitor Meiko Satomura.  The Joshi competitor debuted in 1995, before most of MTH were even born, and has gone on to become one of the most respected performers outside of the WWE.  Her participation in this years Mae Young Classic has already opened some eyes to her talent as she has put on some of the tournaments best matches.  The Gender Neutral Champion and Irish Tag champions have their work cut out for them as Ireland’s best take on some of the world’s best.

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