Preview: AWA Sky’s The Limit (9/22/18)

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This Saturday, Australian Wrestling Alliance (AWA) out of Brisbane, is the place for the next step in Adam Brooks’ return to Australian wrestling. Brooks, who after an eighth month sojourn in the UK and USA, began taking bookings in his native Australian again earlier this month, beginning with Riot City Wrestling (RCW) RCW 200 in Adelaide. Now he and Robbie Eagles, both fresh off of competing in the Battle of Los Angeles last weekend, head towards Queensland to headline AWA Sky’s the Limit, with current AWA Heavyweight Champion Jake Nova, in a Triple Threat match for the title. Also on this night we’ll see the first round of the Next Level Tournament to decide the new Number One Contender for the top prize, and a Tag Team title match and more!

Brandy Alexander vs. Chase Cooper

Alexander beat down Cooper last month at Homecoming V, and Cooper is now looking for revenge. However, Alexander was originally scheduled to wrestle Sofia Moralez, but attacked her before the match, hence Cooper as the replacement. The size difference between the two will be the story, with Alexander as the monster heel. But because of what went down at Homecoming last month, and at Grindhouse: One Night Stand the month prior where Alexander defeated Moralez, look for Moralez to get involved.
Prediction: Brandy Alexander

Headstrong (JL Gold & Xander Sullivan) vs. Draegon & Blair Seeker

After Headstrong lost their AWA Tag Team Championships back in May, Gold and Sullivan went their separate ways for the summer, where most recently at Homecoming, Gold won the Homecoming Cup in a 30 Man Battle Royale, and Sullivan just came up short against Jake Nova when challenging for his AWA Heavyweight Championship. Now, after months apart, they’re finally reuniting. But they’re going up against Draegon and Seeker, who were on the winning side in a huge eight man tag match at Homecoming last month. And although they’re a new tag team, only forming in July, they’re undefeated, and will be no easy task.
Prediction: Headstrong

Next Level Tournament First Round Match: Jaxon Cross vs. Jesse Daniels vs. Jade Diamond

The Next Level Tournament will be taking place over the next several months, consisting of nine competitors, with the winner earning an AWA Heavyweight Championship match. It’s a single elimination tournament, with one exception: this first round match will have a winner who advances, a loser who’s eliminated, and the one who is not involved with the decision, who will be added to the other first round match later in the evening, making that one a triple threat match, in a win or die situation. All three of these men are coming off losses at Homecoming. Daniels and Diamond are both former champions, reigning for over 200 days each. Cross, the young New Zealander, has been on the rise recently, and this tournament has his name written all over it.
Prediction: Jaxon Cross

Tag Team Championship Match: Kings of Queensland (Mitch McCarthy & Tim Cade) (c) vs. Bobby Bishop & Rip Rielly

This match came about straightforwardly, with Bishop and Reilly issuing a simple challenge, and the champs accepting. The Kings of Queensland won the titles in a Triple Threat TLC match last month at Homecoming. While at the same event, Bishop and Rielly were turned on by their former partner Flashman during an eight-man tag match, causing them to lose. No doubt, the Flashman will play a factor in this one. Combine that with the fact that the title changed hands at the last show, and you have a recipe for the champs to retain. This match will be a good one, with some innovative spots as the four participants have a wide range of styles clashing.
Prediction: The Kings of Queensland

Next Level Tournament First Round Match: Adonis vs. Combat Wombat vs. ???

The third participant in this match will be whoever was not involved in the decision in the previous Next Level Tournament match, featuring Jaxon Cross, Jesse Daniels, and Jade Diamond. I predict that Diamond will be the third member in this match, who was involved in a triple threat match with Adonis last month, and came up short as Adonis won. Combat Wombat is usually a tag team wrestler in AWA, in the duo of Surf ‘n’ Turf, but will be branching out here in this tournament, but ultimately Diamond will take this one home. He’ll get his win back over Adonis, and redeem his failure earlier in the night.
Prediction: Jade Diamond

Triple Threat Match for the AWA Heavyweight Championship: Jake Nova (c) vs. Robbie Eagles vs. Adam Brooks

Eagles and Brooks are fresh off of the Battle of Los Angeles last weekend, representing Australia alongside Jonah Rock. That means that Nova gets to work with two of the most famous and best Australian independent wrestlers. If you’ve ever seen Eagles or Brooks work before, you know that this match will work lots of high spots in the match, but that they will all be psychologically sound. Nova will absolutely be able to hold his own, though, and despite the international fame of Brooks and Eagles, will definitely be able to go toe to toe with them. This will almost certainly be match of the night. In the end, Nova will walk away with the title.
Prediction: Jake Nova

Photo: AWA


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